The Gallery of a Madman

fireworks scare pranks air horns - 7994363904
By Unknown

Spinning Fireworks

cool gifs mindwarp fireworks - 7986523648
By ToolBee

New Year's Day Problems

fireworks neighbors Y U NO - 7981743872
By TwoFace902

The Largest Single Firework in The World

GIF of a bunch of fireworks that look like they are just one enormous firework.
By Unknown

Such Celebration

new years fireworks doge - 7979088640
By alvoi

What's the New Year's Equivalent of Bah, Humbug?

computers fireworks new years eve - 7980177152
Via Acid Cow

Its Like That Katy Perry Song

explosions gifs fireworks no no tubes funny - 7886313728
By beernbiccies

Who Lights Fireworks in October?

Home Alone fireworks - 6544747264
By Unknown

Feeling Evil?

fireworks bathroom pranks toilet - 7724415232
By Unknown

This Firework is Crappy

dogs gifs fireworks puns funny - 7635049472
By Unknown

Another Fourth of July... Meh...

fireworks fourth of july computer guy - 7633047552
By Eronoc

Firework Factory Explosion

explosions gifs fireworks fourth of july funny - 7611038976
By ani.s4 (Via Youtube)

Happy Fourth of July!

pie charts fireworks graphs funny - 7617520384
By t_strike

The Moment You Realize You Are Getting Old

fireworks fourth of july dana carvey - 7625837824
By Unknown

We Specialize in Harmless Fun

fireworks fourth of july america - 7614083840
By Unknown

Only You Can Prevent Digit Losses

FAILS new years fireworks - 6925961216
By Unknown