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Wait Until the 3:11 Mark for the Biggest Firework Ever

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A Spectacular Fireworks Display in Baltimore

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Fireworks From a Drone's Perspective

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By ToolBee

July 4th: When You Worship the Old Gods

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By tim.price.1276
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What Do You Get When You Strap Five Roman Candles Together to Make a Roman Candle Minigun?

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This is My Boomstick

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By Unknown

Happy Fourth of July!

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Let's Celebrate Independence Day With Some GIFs!

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Celebrate the 4th With Your Own Personal Style

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The Chemistry of Fireworks

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These Fireworks Weigh Over 900 Pounds, Cost $1,500 Dollars, and Will Blow Away Anything You Could Buy in a Grocery Store Parking Lot

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Fireworks: Master Troll Edition

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2 Year Old's First Time Seeing Fireworks

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So Majestic

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Know Your Product

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Fireworks: Mastertroll Edition

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