These Fireworks Create a Ladder to The Heavens

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Behold the World's Largest Firework Being Launched 2000 Feet in the Air

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American Dad Gets It

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Lemme Guess, You Love That Katy Perry Song

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Firing Off 300 Rockets at Once is Pure, Gleeful Pandemonium

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The Braves Had Some Pyrotechnic Malfunctions, but in an Amazingly Patriotic Way

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Explosive Fireworks Fun on Ice

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If There Ever Were a Set of Suspicious Quotation Marks...

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So That's What Rubberband Balls Look Like When They Explode

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Firework Catastrophe

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Fishing in Sweden

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Meanwhile in Sweden - An Inventive Fisherman Goes Ice Fishing With Fireworks

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Not The Brightest Thing to Do Indoors

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Celebrating New Years the 'Murican Way

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Every New Year's

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