Surprised They're Not Using a Ruler

snowball fight funny nun - 8448979456

Never Underestimate Your Opponent

ouch FAIL gifs fight - 8433455104

You Are Unworthy of This Ball

balls dogs gifs fight - 8427490048

You Wanna Fight, Mate?

wtf gifs fight Cats - 8411599104
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What a Fight it Would Be

cow kids milk fight funny - 8402105856

An Argument Between Koalas

critters fight gifs koalas - 8334064640

Squirrel Ain't Having It

yikes gifs critters fight squirrels snakes - 8296139520

You Have Done Well, Young Warrior

Cats fight funny - 8262630656

"Yo, Joey, I Think You Gotta Get Hit, Bro."

critters fight gifs kangaroos - 8224665856

It Pays to Punch

talking fight fists funny - 8149102848
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Best Pig Ever

cow pig fight hangover funny - 8140224512
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I Never Understood The Subtlety of Soccer

wtf sports gifs fight soccer - 8138459392
hockey fight new york Video police - 59899137

Only a Game of Hockey Could Make New York's Finest and Bravest Act Like This

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So That's Why The Wall Decoration Fell Down

birds gifs fight Cats fall - 8133841152
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That Escalated Quickly

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American Justice at Work

British booze fight funny justice - 8116569088
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