In Your FACE

Caption that reads, "When you and your friend argue and Google confirms your dominant intellect" above a pic of an ancient Greek statue holding up another guy's head
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Happens All The Time

Caption that reads, "When you're high as f*ck so you decide to knock all your friends out with a deer you found" above an illustration of a guy swinging around a deer at his friends
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That Is One Thing You Could Do, Yes

Text conversation where person 1 says, "What's the first thing you would do if you were invisible for a day?" and person 2 says, "I would probably fly to Paris, find a street-performing mime, and beat him to death...the applause he would get would be astounding"
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Time To Fight To The Death

Caption that reads, "When it's a slow night so your manager says one of the kitchen staff can go home early" above pics of four guys battling to be let home early
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Such A Beautiful Moment

Caption that reads, "A hand changes everything" above a pic of Sylvester Stallone staring down his opponent in 'Rocky' with a hand photoshopped lovingly caressing his face
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Funny twitter memes about donald trump fighting joe biden.

The Internet Is Having A Blast Imagining A Trump Vs. Biden Showdown

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What Did You Just Call Me?

Funny meme, man wearing eagle mask, comparing his movements to when you think the fight is over but you hear them mutter under their breath so you have to go back for more.
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animals Canada fight Video wtf - 288007

You Know a McDonald's Brawl is Next Level When Someone Brings Out a Baby Raccoon

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Fights Would Be Way Cuter, But Not as Fun

web comics bunnies fight Fights Would Be Way Cuter, But Not as Fun
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boyfriend fight relationships Memes girlfriend dating - 859653

'He Said, She Heard' Memes Speak to the Everyday Relationship Struggle

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USA Finally Gets Revenge for Canada's Part in the War of 1812

win bald eagle and canadian goose fight in real life
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fight Video - 79288321

Fencing a Reactive Quadrotor Sounds Boring But Adding Mortal Combat Music Take it To the Next Level

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Excuse Me, Can You Get Control of Your Human?

web comics pets fight Excuse Me, Can You Get Control of Your Human?
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airplane fight trolling Video - 78576129

Watch This Dude Lie His Way Through a BBC Interview About a Wild On-Flight Fight

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How to Win a Fight

fight web comics - 8606083328
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star wars fight Spider-Man Video - 76710657

Who Will Win in a Fight to the Death Between Darth Maul and Spider-Man?

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