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You're Dead to Me

Funny photoshopped web comic that features a guy telling his father he is gay, who says at least you don't have one of those fidget spinners. He is playing with a fidget spinner under the table.
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Oh Thank God

Funny meme about Donald Trump making fidget spinners illegal.
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You're Embarrassing Me

Funny meme with image of kid in class crying, caption says "when your dad comes in on career day and starts doing fidget spinner tricks."
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This Is Getting Out Of Hand

Funny meme of boy's haircut with fidget spinner shaved into his head.
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Keep Training

Expanding brain meme about fidget spinners, the normal way to use them and then weird ways, like putting them on your bare chest.
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Fidget Spinners Do It All

Man at therapist is talking about his terrible depression, his therapist suggests that he try a fidget spinner.
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We're In Double Meme Territory Now

Funny meme asking how fidget spinners would wear pants.
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What Planet is This?

Funny meme of man in discomfort when someone says that fidget spinners are cool
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Spinning in the Prequels

Star Wars meme prequel saying the star ship is disabled - because it has fidget spinners on it. Funny meme.
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Be Cautious

Funny dank meme, showing what healthy blood cells look like, and that cancerous blood cells look like red fidget spinners.
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