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When You See Your Friend With a Platinum Spinner

funny meme about kid criticizing capitalism on youtube because he is jealous of friend's gold fidget spinners
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Sick, Bro!

Funny meme about finding barrels of fidget spinners but they are actually barrels of radioactive waste.
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"Higher Education"

Funny meme about fidget spinners, graduate has one on his cap. the meme says that the person went to school for 4 years and still didn't learn shit.
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The Dream is Real

Funny meme inserting a fidget spinner into a still from the 2010 movie Inception starring Leonardo DiCaprio.
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Bye Bye

Funny meme featuring the cast of pimp my ride, they are proposing cutting the brake lines of someone who is opening a fidget spinner shop.
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Try Again Sweetie

Funny meme about the flat earth conspiracy, asks how the world spins if it is flat, picture is a crude drawing of a fidget spinner shaped earth.
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Dark Days We Live In

Funny meme saying you shouldn't feel like shit about yourself because fidget spinner apps are #1 in the world right now.
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Thanks, Europe

Funny You vs. the guy she tells you not to worry about meme, featuring fidget spinners - one normal, the other is an Ikea fidget spinner.
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THAT's What They're For

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Apple Works Fast

Funny meme about Apple making a fidget spinner.
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Make It Stop

Funny meme about what you would do with a million dollars, grills with built in fidget spinners.
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