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Redditors Discuss Things That Have Mysteriously Disappeared

At some point in your life, you’ve probably asked yourself, “Oh, yeah. Whatever happened to that thing?” Whether that be random fads like fidget spinners or well-respected establishments such as Fudruckers, you’ve noticed that things just go away sometimes. Today, Redditor /u/musicmaniac247 posed this very question, “What eventually disappeared and no one noticed?” The Askreddit thread quickly blew up, garnering over 15 thousand replies. Whether good, bad, funny, or just kind of depressing, res…
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degrassi memes

14 Degrassi Memes That Only The Most Dedicated Fans Will Understand

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Well, That's One Way To Teach It

PIc of someone giving a presentation on "fidget spinner theology"
Via Joojoobee11

We Did This

Funny meme about how hurricanes are created by fidget spinners.
Via Crippling Things
Collection of funny Instagram memes from user adam.the.creator, donald trump, eminem, game of thrones, guy fieri, politics.

13 Meme Masterpieces From Instagram's @adam.the.creator

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Collection of funny memes about cars, fidget spinners, cats, dogs, celebs, celebrities, spider-man, batman, the joker, dating, relationships, school, booze.

Lunch Break: 22 Funny Memes To Help You Through The Day

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Funny Monday meme roundup about mondays, fashion, sex, sports, dating, relationships, fidget spinners, marriage, rihanna, food, tv, the office.

28 Random Memes to Cure Your Case of the Mondays

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Have We Peaked?

funny meme about the future having flying cars, then in 2017 having people play violin with a fidget spinner.
Via nilsimanxbox
Collection of funny memes

22 Random Memes to Keep You Entertained

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Collection of funny memes about cats, comics, the hulk, food, fidget spinners, kids, jobs, work, dogs,

Lunch Break: 22 Memes to Break Up Your Day

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The Final Boss

Via kirbymario12
A collection of funny memes about Donald Trump, Tennis, White people

21 Random Memes To Cure Your Sunday Blues

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This Is What's Wrong With Dating Today

funny meme about dating, woman asks man how tall he is, he asks how fast she can spin because he only dates fidget spinners.
Via Jakerbell
Collection of life hack "living in 3017" memes.

Take a Ride In a Shitty Time Machine With "Living In 3017" Memes

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Funny collection of memes

Lunch Break: 20 Random Memes to Improve Your Day

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Collection of funny memes about being dramatic, fidget spinners, the alphabet, work, school, dogs, weddings, marriage, penis jokes, getting paid, robots, aliens, dating.

18 Random Memes For Your Saturday Night

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