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Funny reactions to the introduction of Papa John's Papa Bowls Crustless pizza

People React to Papa John's New 'Papa Bowls,' the Crustless Pizza Nobody Asked For

Fast food brands love to pat themselves on the back for their so-called innovations. And most of the time, the self-congratulations are completely unwarranted. We're talking KFC's ‘Double Down,’ Taco Bell's misguided foray into the chicken world, and Panera's grilled mac and cheese sandwich. Yesterday, the world got a taste of another unnecessary menu item that will probably be discontinued before the year is through: The Papa John's Papa Bowl.
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Food Vigilantes Share Their Most F'ed Up Pizza Opinions

Don't tell Italy
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"Is It Really Worth It?" Memes Have Everyone Questioning the Ethics of Their Favorite Snacks and More

Boba tea, your days are numbered
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Brave Woman Tries and Ranks Every Frozen Meal At Trader Joe's So You Don't Have To (August 1, 2022)

Quite frankly, it seems like this woman had really low expectations for every frozen meal and was happy and surprised at the quality of each item. It looks like the top favorites were all the Indian dishes and the curries, where as the least favorites were the Asian dishes. These ranking videos are actually insanely helpful for your next trip to the grocery store and her reviews are thorough enough that it'll save you the trouble of trying some frozen disaster of a meal. If you like low-stress…
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A Helping of Food Memes to Fill Empty Stomachs

It's rumbling
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Legends Impress the Internet by Mixing Cocktails in McDonalds

They look tasty
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Funny twitter thread where people share their most controversial food takes, food content

Shameful Food Takes That May Warrant Cancellation

If there's one dumb thing in the world that people love to get heated over, it's food. Most people (unless they're sociopaths who'd rather take a pill than eat) have intense opinions about that stuff we need to eat to survive. The opinions can be as normal as “X is the best place to dine on X,” or as freakish as the Swedish belief that bananas should be on pizza. And no, we're not making that one up. As anyone on the internet can attest, people who like pineapple on pizza get ragged on regularl…
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A compilation of memes about fried chicken for National Fried Chicken Day.

Chicken-Fried Memes For 'National Fried Chicken Day'

Yeehaw! It's National Fried Chicken Day y'all! Fried chicken is probably my favorite food, so as you could imagine, this is a deeply reverent and vital holiday for me. If you don't know the difference between fried chicken, chicken fried steak, and chicken fried chicken, then today may not be your day. Fried chicken is one of the most delicious foods, no matter where you get it from. You are valid if you're a grocery store fried chicken diva. If you tend to go for one of the chain fried chicken…
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Dude Provides Fascinating Explanation About Why Doritos Are So Addictive

There's a lot going on
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People react to new cheez it tostada and crunchwrap supreme from taco bell

Stoners Rejoice: Taco Bell Debuts Tasty Experiments With Giant Cheez-Its

Cheez-Its are my kryptonite. I can make those slightly greasy, salty squares of cheesy goodness disappear in mere minutes. And when I say “those” I mean a whole damn box. Usually when this mindless yet voracious eating occurs, I am under the influence of plant medicine that was recently legalized in New York. And I usually come to regret it. When I'm not regretting ingesting a box's worth of these crackers, I am usually regretting ordering a crap ton of Taco Bell. Like, $20 worth of Taco Bell.…
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Funny posts describing the astrological signs as fast food chains restauranats

The Astrological Signs as Popular Fast Food Restaurants

We love to see people get into a tizzy over astrological memes and designations, so you can imagine our delight at coming across this Facebook post from Mela Golden's page assigning the signs of the zodiac to popular fast food restaurant chains. It's hard not to be opinionated where these restaurants are concerned: they're (usually) pretty affordable and accessible, so a huge percentage of the population has developed a preference (and sometimes hatred) for these establishments. For example, wh…
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Sheepish Guy Gives Away Chipotle He Ordered To The Wrong Location, Receives Overwhelming Response

Opportunity knocks
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German Burger King Creates Pregnancy Craving Menu, Confuses The Hell Out Of Twitter

These are delicacies
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Crypto Bro Gets Roasted For Ending Up Working In McDonald's

Major L
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DoorDash Driver Splits Opinion After Allegedly Revealing How Easy It Is To Steal Orders

Who knew
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British People Experience Revelation Trying Popeyes For The First Time

Forever changed
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