Failbook. Where all the dumb things everyone thought they deleted are posted by their friends for others to laugh at and enjoy their inexplicable lack of a thought process. Remember - think before you post.

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25 Times People Got Wooshed By Dumb Memes

These folks totally missed the joke
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Funny social media posts where people missed obvious jokes | Can someone explain they got all ice through small hole Imagine being this stupid 19,419 likes This is stupidest thing ive seen more frozen water bottle | manager at our local IKEA is retiring, so sent him this cake wheres cake

Fifteen Times Sarcastic Humor Flew Right Over People's Heads

Yikes people...
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internet hypocrites

33 of the Biggest Hypocrites Ever to Grace the Internet With Their Presence

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cringeworthy facebook posts that will make you doubt humanity

41 of the Cringiest Facebook Moments We've Ever Seen

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list failbook facebook - 860165

The 9 Types of People Who Truly Suck At Facebook

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Curse You, Past Self!

failbook g rated trolling tumblr - 6489002752
Created by Unknown

Very Festive Texting

spelling whoops twitter texting failbook g rated - 8306976256
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Wat You Know 'Bout Ironic Memes, Marat?

failbook facebook Memes - 8976475904
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It Needs Teepee For Its Cornhole

corn failbook facebook - 8975642368
Created by SirPotsworth
facebook page that ruins clickbait titles

This Hero Is Saving Facebook By Destroying Clickbait Headlines

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Targeting That Young Demographic With the Spoof About Pandering to That Same Demographic

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Sleep With One Eye Open... Mr Mango Is Coming

dancing failbook facebook nightmare fuel - 8971977216
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failbook facebook social media politics - 82077441

Facebook in Real Life: Politics

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bananas failbook facebook - 901893

The 'Banana Bunker' Continues to Be the Greatest Item on Groupon and Facebook Agrees

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How About NO

failbook facebook emma watson - 8968834560
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pickup lines Pokémon pokemon go failbook facebook - 895749

This Dude's Pokémon GO Puns Deserve All the Gym Badges

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