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Sneaky Hillary Is at It Again

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That Dude Deserves a Tag and a Tip

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This Short Video's Casual Twist Ending Will Have You Watching it Again

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Finally, I've Been Looking for an Excuse to Leave Christianityism

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If You Need the Wifi, You Know What to Do

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Free Stuff of the Day: A Baltimore Pizza Shop Needs Toilet Paper, Will Take Your Ray Rice Jerseys

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Never Not Loving This

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Thanks for Making Me Feel Terrible Again!

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Get It Together, Mom!

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They Say the Sun Never Sets on Pitbull's Empire

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"I Know Right? That Sucks!" - Me

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Yeah, Why Won't Those JERKS Have the Courage to Ask You Out?

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Time to Beef Up and Try This Post Again

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Give It a Second...

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Discovery Channel Twitter Spittin' Hot Fire

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This Bathroom Sidequest is Just the Worst

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