entitled, cringe, greedy, facebook, social media, choosy beggars, reddit, entitled people, cringeworthy, karens, yikes, toxic, funny, funny comments, facebook | Free Event- Solar Eclipse Party AUG. 21 1272 personer ar nreasersue 00293 35 kommentarer Gilla Kommentera Most kids go back school day. Can be done on weekend? Visa 3 tidigare svar Did this lady just ask reschedule sun? | whomever posted my status asking help on reddit, thanks making cry. Also NO ONE has sent any help form money or gifts

27 Greedy People Who Exposed Their Shameless Entitlement

When beggars try to be choosers
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Funny video of Karen complain about Tigger flag on viral TikTok video, neighborhood, old lady, entitled

Joyless Karen Complains About Neighbor's Tigger Flag

"We have rules."
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Funny stories of a frustrated butcher's experiences with entitled customers | facebook post BS Butcher Stories lost everything during storm. Customer guys really should have better plan place. Like having someone work during storm logic is if someone got hurt during storm would be worse than losing some product Customer Eye roll guess

Amused Butcher Shares His Most Frustrating Customer Stories

We feel for him.
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funny retail tweets

Tweets That Capture The Joys Of Working Customer Service

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Story about entitled cheapskate who wants an expensive bike for cheap and gets trolled by the seller | ill give 50$ and thats higest ill go. Sorry, but 's too much low ball offer bike is worth 800 and selling 500, and so price is firm. stupid asshole spent last month saving up money bike just like this and now yoy dont care and wont help anyone other than yourselve, rot hell f t.

Dude Demands Bike For Dirt Cheap, Gets Trolled Like A Chump

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Funny 'Quit Your Bullshit' posts where people get called out for lying on the internet | 1 review week ago Docked our boat have lunch staff treated us with worst respect have ever encountered all my life am local over 25 years and will tell everyone know this experience horry/georgetowncounty. Response owner week ago Mr. Taylor if are local than know there is mask ordinance effect restaurants tried be cordial but girlfriend/wife kept pushing through door anyway are not going risk our patrons or

15 Times Internet Liars Were Exposed For Their BS

Will Karens ever stop?
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Person hacking woman's netflix account begs her to give him the password so she can continue to watch his shows | point is am being honest and telling all this stuff if were kind enough give credentials am so sorry am really really sorry

Desperate Netflix Scammer Begs Woman For New Password

He really thought this was going to work.
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Funny Twitter thread about a woman on her way to Sundance. Her seatmate on the flight consulted siri to see what middle seat etiquette is, hilarity ensures, rachel handler | tweet by rachel_handler my first report out Sundance woman next just said loudly Siri is middle seat etiquette then showed Google search results on middle seat armrests and said she's legally owner both middle armrests and am not allowed put my arm down. worked Boeing 20 years so know right legally

Uptight Plane Passenger Inspires Funny Thread About Armrest Etiquette

As if flying wasn't already a pain.
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Funny reactions and tweets about Chrissy Teigen deleting Twitter account, lol, funny, memes

Chrissy Teigen Quits Twitter, Inspires Spicy Celebratory Tweets

The deletion heard 'round the world.
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Funny Facebook stories about patients from someone who works as a medical secretary | Feb 6 Patient: complains shes been waiting an hour her appointment Also patient: arrives at 130 her 2:30 appointment. Also patient woman just left, why she seen before got here first Because her appointment at 2 and yours wasn't

Medical Secretary Shares 18 Frustrating Tales Of Entitled Patients

Whyyyy are people like this
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Cringey social media posts from Insane People Facebook | Wave goodbye headphones. LADBIBLE Elon Musk Claims His Neuralink Chip Will Allow Stream Music Straight 4.3K 2.4K Comments 2.1K Shares Livke Comment Share not good this chip is bible and leads very bad things get rida | Is there way get rid fact checkers on fb? 9 Comments O Like Comment Send

16 Times People Went Off The Rails On Social Media

This is why we can't have nice things.
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Funny tweets making fun of heinous and insensitive tweet from Kim Kardashian's lavish 40th birthday party on a private island | Kim Kardashian West @KimKardashian After 2 weeks of multiple health screens and asking everyone to quarantine, I surprised my closest inner circle with a trip to a private island where we could pretend things were normal just for a brief moment in time.

Kim Kardashian Roasted For Tone-Deaf Tweet About Lavish Birthday Vacation

The memes? The memes are good.
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funny service industry memes | Will be leaving any tip on order? Customer Blinking white guy Drew Scanlon | TALKING MY TABLE WALKING AWAY MY TABLE Kanye West smiling and serious

Memes For Weary Service Industry Warriors

We salute you.
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Text message conversation between a Scottish anti-masker and a tattoo shop | Here mate yer no really askin every body tae wear masks r yeh? Its aw con man Dude, really? Current guidelines say masks must be worn close contact services, which fall into. If don't want wear one s cool (actually 's not) but won't be getting tattoo here.

Scottish Dude Flips Out Over Tattoo Shop's Mask Requirement

Why do people have to act like this...
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Every Customer Service Employee Knows This

Funny meme about a customer service employee saying that an item is out of stock featuring Joe Exotic from Tiger King | Me: I'm positive it's out of stock Them: Could you check in the back? Me after checking in the back : GUESS WHAT
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Funny video of a Southern woman getting into a fight with a restaurant manager

Obnoxious Karen Gets Owned By Angry Restaurant Manager

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