Bride demands cousin lose weight, too fat to be maid of honor

Bridezilla Demands Cousin Lose Weight to Be Maid of Honor, Cousin Bails & Calls Her Out

Judging by the stories we've seen on Reddit and Twitter, an awfully large percentage of brides can actually be referred to as “ bridezillas ”, a term that defines as follows: “a soon-to-be bride who is overly involved with the details of her wedding and becomes extremely self-centered, demanding, or otherwise difficult to tolerate” I had to be a bridesmaid for one such terror, and it's made me nearly unwilling to be part of a wedding party ever again. As bad as this harpy was, he…
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Unhinged Karens & Their Egregious Displays of Entitlement

Karen, Karen, Karen . What are we going to do with you? Are you okay? What happened in your life to make you this angry? Let's try something out. I want you to close your eyes and take a deeeeeeeeeeeep deep deep deep ( deep) breath. Now imagine you've just arrived at your favorite brunch spot ten minutes before closing. The place is packed full of fellow Karens, but the host manages to find a table for you and your six friends. They could have declined to seat you, but they did anyway. Isn't th…
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Cringey & Crazy Posts From the Dumbest Corners of Mommy Facebook Groups

As a non-parent by choice, I swear that I have absolutely nothing against children. While some childless folk decry the practice of having and raising kids, I believe that we should all just focus on ourselves and do what makes us happy. The only part of child-rearing that offends me is the absolute insanity that some mothers display in their Facebook groups and forums . They are filled to the brim with unhinged anti-vax sentiments, bogus claims about the healing powers of essential oils and br…
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Twitter user shares conversation between artist and prospective customer who fakes death to try to get free stuff

Entitled Liar Fakes Own Death to Score Free Art

Many moons ago, when I was an internet-addicted high school student, I would see people with beautiful Livejournal layouts, profile photos, and backgrounds. Most were painstakingly created in Photoshop , dappled with effects that range from artfully old and coffee stained to seemingly glowing from within. The artists responsible would usually take commissions, either in the form of actual money or via trades. I could never afford such a luxury. Instead I became friends with other fan fiction en…
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Funny and cringey moments of extreme entitlement from choosing beggars and crazy deluded karens | KAREN area. Jolly ranchers, Attention all parents suckers and smarties might be adequate less fortunate neighborhoods like Cicero and Oak Park but NOT here are WAY better than them and candy hand out on Halloween must reflect Costco has king size candy bars and suggest all stock up. My kids expect and deserve only best. See few days. Like Comment Share

Shameful Moments Of Deluded Entitlement

For shame.
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Entitled Karens & Nightmare Customers From Hell

They're baaaack
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Entitled Boss Tries to Make Nanny Work Instead of Attending Sister's Wedding

Overworked Nanny Requests Time Off For Sister's Wedding, Entitled Boss Threatens to Fire Her

Taking time off, no matter what your job entails, is absolutely crucial for mental health and general wellbeing. But some employers either don't agree with that, or simply don't care. Such is the case of Redditor u/Nannyneedabreak, whose username kind of says it all. By her account, the twenty-two year old woman has been nannying two amazing kids, aged six and eight. And she's never taken any time off. Seven months ago, she decided to request time off for her sister's wedding this coming weeken…
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Rich Mom Humiliates Son's Blue-Collar Girlfriend Before Family Trip, GF Ditches Them On the Spot

Entitled rich people who treat others like garbage just because they make less money are some of the worst people on the planet. When redditor u/NoTGoingThank was invited to go to Cabo with her boyfriend's family , she didn't expect to get cruelly singled out for her blue-collar background. Luckily, a kind stranger gave OP the encouragement she needed to break off the toxic relationship . She really dodged a bullet.
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Shamelessly Entitled People Who Think Beggars Can Be Choosers

They say beggars can't be choosers, but there are plenty of shamelessly entitled people out there who have just enough audacity to prove the proverb wrong. The sort of people who get mad when free stuff doesn't meet their unreasonable expectations. Or job listings that seek PhD grads to babysit toddlers for fifty cents an hour. The only response these choosy beggars deserve is shame and ridicule, and we've selected a handful of especially egregious examples of entitlement from r/choosybeggars f…
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Funny story of an entitled bride-to-be who wants her hair and makeup done for free | You really charge that much?! That is a lot of money!! I was hoping you would offer to do it for free... maybe as a wedding present to me. I could probably give you £10 for your travel but if you're coming to the wedding then I don't really see why I should... We haven't spoken for 10 years and the first time we do you're texting me to ask me to do your MU for your wedding for fre... I appreciate you don't have

Bridezilla Flips on Makeup Artist For Refusing to Provide Free Labor

Holy entitlement, Batman.
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Entitled Mom Expects Fellow Passenger to Entertain Her Son, Gets Brutally Burned

Some parents got a lotta nerve
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Annoying tiktoker brags about spending two thousand dollars on expensive bottled water (voss) people toast him on twitter

Demented Dude Ridiculed For Spending 2k a Month on Bottled Water

There's something palpably disgusting yet utterly riveting about watching rich, privileged people talking about their “everyday” lives. With the advent of social media, the regular old plebs of the world now have the opportunity to really see how the other half lives. Social media is a lot more revealing than shots from a rabid paparazzo, despite the fact that they can reveal a carefully curated view of the subject's existence. That colorful and impeccably composed acai bowl sitting atop an inf…
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mean people, nice girls, reddit, text messages, cringe, wtf, relationships, entitled, toxic, relationships, funny texts, instagram, social media | glad are ok with body but maybe person get into relationship with isn't. She says she is but she would really like be on beach with her buff man showing his gorgeous body but she can't not saying this upset just food thought think are wonderful young man. | going speak calmly as everything say is taken wrong way. Yes use caps lock maybe little too

20+ Cringey 'Nice Girls' Who Are Blind To Their Own Entitlement

Very toxic content ahead
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Screen caps of entitled people and choosy beggars, social media, cheapskates.

Insufferable Entitled Losers & Choosy Beggars

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Funny posts written by entitled, demanding people | James Bloodworth Follow @J_Bloodworth just written book on difficulty working class kids have breaking into professions because proliferation unpaid work Huffington Post contacted saying sounded interesting. They asked write something Unfortunately they wouldn't be able pay however despite being multi-billion dollar company. So here's my article are part problem HuffingtonPost End.

Entitled People Who Took 'Cheapskate' To A New Level

These people are infuriating.
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Funny story about a car seller who tries to troll an entitled buyer | like car also, which is why won't be letting go 9k less than s worth. And not being dik s 7am and got stuff do ready make serious offer let know 07:12 Waste fukin time Absolute dikhead 07:13

Entitled Dude Gets Trolled By Amused Car Seller

Australians, man.
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