Funny video of an entitled woman yelling at a pizza delivery guy to get out of her neighborhood

Entitled Karen Harasses Neighborhood Pizza Guy For 'Trespassing'

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funny tweets about influencer help wanted job advertisement, entitled, part time 24/7 on call | Rachel Holliday Smith @rachelholliday tag yourself actual work hours will be flexible, but generally expect be with client all time | Quar-*Teens @danpolis This person needs go JAIL | Personal Assistant Influencer Confidential Los Angeles, CA Posted: July 29, 2020 Q more jobs like this Part Time Job Professional Personal Assistant Large Celebrity well known celebritylinfluencer with 10+ million follow

Influencer's Insane Ad For An Assistant Is The Epitome Of Entitlement

No thanks.
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Funny parody video of a compilation of middle-aged women complaining about wearing masks and being generally entitled

'Karens Gone Wild' Is The Hottest Video Of The Summer

"It's yours on DVD for only $9.99!"
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Goddamn Millennials Killing Every Industry

Funny headline that reads, "Millennials are killing the doorbell industry by texting 'here'" above an image of Moe from The Simpsons with a bunch of doorbells

We're All Tired Of Your BS

Funny meme that reads, "Even the street signs are tired of it" above a photo of a sign that says "Karen St." above a stop sign
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Funny video sketch about people who refuse to wear masks in public

Video Sketch Makes Fun Of People Who Refuse To Wear Masks

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Funny video sketch about a guy shopping at Whole Foods

Parody Sketch About People Who Shop At Whole Foods Is Pretty Spot On

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Funny video sketch about a group of Karens fighting with each other at a playground

Video Sketch Imagines How Karens Interact With Each Other In The Wild

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There's An Easy Solution Here

Funny meme that reads, "Things are about to get interesting" above a store sign that reads, "If you come into the store without a mask we will have to take your temperature! P.S. We only have rectal thermometers!"
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Funny video of a woman getting angry in a Pier 1 Imports store and coughing on the woman filming the video

Total Karen Coughs On Woman And Makes A Scene At Pier 1 Imports

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Get Over It Karen

Funny meme featuring Patrick Star from Spongebob about Karens not wanting to wear face masks during the coronavirus pandemic | Doctors wearing facemasks for 10 hours Karens wearing facemasks for 5 minutes
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Funny tweets about rude and entitled patio people, restaurants, patios, funny | lemon labradorite @mamandelulu Replying xLaboure @freshhel and @hooleil Classic. Also s really sunny at this table don't have another spot looking at same damn packed patio they are no mean, yes inside. This is outside, ma'am sun is just out here and stuff | certified wide @bacchus2014 Replying freshhel and @lunch_enjoyer worked at an outdoor restaurant with covered outdoor patio. Table insisted on sitting out there

Twitter Users Bond Over The Heartless Entitlement Of Patio Diners

They don't care if you live or you die.
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Funny memes about 'Karens,' or people who are routinely rude to customer service employees | Bernie Sanders Fast food employee makes slight mistake Karen I am once again asking manager | Karen: My child is perfectly healthy Her child: fat penguin

Karen Memes That Will Terrify Anyone In Customer Service

Watch out, managers.
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Quit Buying So Much Avocado Toast

Funny tweet that reads, "Millennials are so SPOILED and ENTITLED; Millennials: is it rude if I ask my employer to pay me"
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entitled person tries to tell knitter that theyre unreasonable for charging less than two dollars an hour for their time, flight instructor | insane charging way too much want wool blanket is essentially queen size made wool want complex stitch works up extremely slowly blanket as large as are requesting such

Choosy Beggar Thinks Knitter Deserves Less Than $2 An Hour For Labor

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Text conversations with cheap people | can cashapp 200 real quick where mamas? San Diego Jobs, Employment San Diego, CA Jobs

27 Entitled Cheapskates That Need To Get A Clue

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