Emotional Blender

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Via Ruby Etc.

Don´t Mess With Windows

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Created by ToolBee

This is Why You Can't Play Frisbee With Cookie Monster

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Created by anselmbe ( Via Img Flip )

If Only That Could Happen More Often

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Via Anna Von Syfert

I Think I'm an Overly Attached Dog Owner

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Created by Unknown

Is This The Visual Definition of Schadenfreude?

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*Remembers The Primal Sense of Dread Felt at Age 4*

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The Emojinal Story of Life

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Cooking With Emotions

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Why Do We Cry?

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Created by TheToxicOne

They're Basically the Same

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Created by Unknown

Many Tears Were Shed

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Created by RetroSteak

One Buff Dalek

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Created by Unknown

The Rage Burns On

Line art - HaM "I'm only smiling on the outside."
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Robot Sums Up The Week

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