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Oh No, Mountain Dew Is Making Alcohol Now

Good news for mall goths, skater boys and mom’s basement dwellers : Mountain Dew has announced an alcohol range. Coming in three flavors and hitting the 5% mark, Hard Mountain Dew won’t hit the shelves until early 2022. Nonetheless, news of its imminent arrival has still made an impression on the internet. Some were horrified at the prospect of it encouraging kids to drink, or degrading the classiness levels of the lucrative hard seltzer market. Others announced their hopes that they would expa…
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Funny dank memes about staying hydrated

Water Memes To Remind The Homies To Stay Hydrated

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Bottoms Up

Funny meme about pretending your apple juice is whiskey as a child, still of Robin from How I Met Your Mother
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Funny video about drinking a beer with no hands

Dude's Hands-Free Drinking Trick Is Pure Genius

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Funny meme about celebrating your first year legally drinking at a bar where the bartender has been serving you underage, chris hemsworth, thor, marvel memes
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Funny memes, dank memes, alcohol, booze | How to Tell if a Cat Is Depressed Depressed cats urinating random places. Drunk people maybe am a depressed cat
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funny random memes, nancy pelosi ripping | dad's second car crash this week coffin falling out the back of a hearse | Do not drink alcohol with this medication drgrayfang Nancy Pelosi tearing paper

35 Random Memes Of Varying Freshness

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Funny random memes | actually remember bring my reusable bag grocery store Native American girl superimposed over idyllic nature scene | yo, send photo took last night probably looks badass photo: Spongebob and Squidward with bloodshot eyes

Forty-Eight Memes For Pleasant Sunday Scrolling

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Funny random memes, relatable memes, dank memes, stupid memes | into essential oils myself BACON GREASE | *8am on camping trip* Friend should really eat breakfast before start Will Ferrell opening a beer

Mediocre Memes For Bored People With Low Standards

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funny meme about needing a missing puzzle piece, the puzzle piece is beer
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Oh God Not Again

funny meme about tarot cards swords getting drunk and stealing swords | Me, drunk af stealing a shit load swords: Me, waking up in the morning with a shit load of swords:
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I'm Doin' It, Doc

Funny meme that reads, "When the doctor says you need to watch your drinking" above a photo of a guy looking at himself drinking in the mirror
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Fresh and funny tweets from Twitter, relatable tweets, twitter gems | Samantha Matt @SamanthaMatt1 Idk why people are against wearing masks. Masks protect coronavirus yes, but they also protect running into people know public. Add sunglasses and are literally disguise s safe do anything, anywhere, even hometown. This is my dream | Ron Iver @ronnui_ think l'l| look like after going one run Captain America The First Avenger Steve Rogers

Fresh Tweets For Your Mindless Entertainment

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Funny random memes, stupid memes, depressing memes | person watching a huge wave about to crash on shore @shitheadsteve 9 beers, 3 tequila shots, and whole box frozen taquitos My internal organs | walking into scholastic book fair with $20 my pocket about buy 6 goosebumps and lamborghini poster s MCL SAT Mcl. LIVE ON PA MI Vs M SAT E O AYWEATHE SOTION Mo GREG IVE Conor McGregor

30 Memes For People In Need Of A Light Chuckle

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It's 5 o'clock somewhere.

Funny tweet about a grocery store that replaced the salad bar with liquor | Emily A. @emzorbit My grocery store has replaced the salad in the salad bar with.... liquor.
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Funny random memes, dank memes, pandemic memes, covid memes, dumb memes, drinking, willem dafoe, tiger king, carole baskin | furby drinking from a straw Can't wait look like this corner bar again gary tiom teen mom | Willem Dafoe green goblin Scientist my invention can create matter all three forms. Gas, liquid, and solid. My asshole: EDREL know something scientist myself

Mostly-Fresh Memes Filled With Dumb Humor

Take it easy.
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