You donkey! Yeah you, what do you think your doing? Quit horsing around and don't give me neigh we've been waiting to show you some hilarious donkey puns and gifs that will have you on your rear and clutching you sides.

Bunny Kicks Ass

kick bunnies gifs critters donkey - 8370404096
Via beavers_r_best

The Construction Donkey

construction donkey funny - 8367386880
Created by GhettoRedneck

My Little Donkey

couch critters cuddles gifs donkey - 8361492992

A Clever Observation

jokes puns donkey web comics - 8347412992
Via Esfest Comics

Donkey and Kitty Become Friends

cute critters gifs donkey kitties - 8327077120
Created by Unknown

That's Horrifying

my little pony donkey funny - 8255412480
Created by Unknown

Donkey Smiles Like an Ass

gifs donkey smiles puns - 8243942656
Created by Unknown

She's Mine, Llama

critters llamas gifs donkey kicks - 8168465408
Created by Unknown

Explanatory Graffiti

ATM donkey graffiti funny money - 8085027584
Created by Unknown

I'd Rather Eat the Turkey

wtf thanksgiving donkey Turkey funny - 7924146944
Created by Unknown

Well That Was Unexpected

donkey web comics - 7909876992
Via Steak Smoothie

Definitely Plural

wtf donkey booty funny - 7854739968
Created by RedSquirrel2011

Back That Map Up

snapchat pun map donkey - 7807228672
Created by Unknown

This Is My Human!

llama wtf donkey funny animals - 7762262016
Created by Iron-man01

One Big Booty

pose donkey huge - 7386228736
Created by Jebstat

I Think You're Just Thinking About Booty

portals donkey thinking - 3082578944
Created by Penguin831