You donkey! Yeah you, what do you think your doing? Quit horsing around and don't give me neigh we've been waiting to show you some hilarious donkey puns and gifs that will have you on your rear and clutching you sides.

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Shrek Memes For People Who Still Like Shrek Memes

There's got to be some of you out there
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'Shrek 5' Confirmed, Internet Rejoices

After over a decade, the day has finally arrived. Internet users can now lay down their arms, even if just for a momentary truce, and celebrate the return of everyone’s favorite ogre. Shrek 5 has been confirmed. While it’s still in early development, the entire voice cast ( Mike Myers , Eddie Murphy, and Cameron Diaz) have expressed their interest and intention to return to the Dreamworks franchise for a fifth film. Eddie Murphy even went as far as to suggest a Donkey spinoff. Many of us never…
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Funny dank memes about Shrek

Dank 'N' Fresh Shrek Sh*tposts (14 Stupid Memes)

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17 Shrek Memes That'll Make Your Brain Smart But Your Head Dumb

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Geriatric Steve Rogers Gets Royally Meme'd In 'No, I Don't Think I Will'

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Biscuit Guy

Caption that reads, "Our new Shrek play area is ready for the children. Including friends like Cat in Shoes, Biscuit Guy and Unpleasant Mule" above a pic of a play structure that has structures of knockoff characters from Shrek
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Meet Shrek Bae: The Teen That Has Stolen The Internet's Heart

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46 Shrek Memes That'll Make You An All Star

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Tired of These Free Loaders

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Love Knows No Bounds

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Let's Be Friends, Donkey

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When Your Ideas Look Asinine

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Have You Ever Been So Drunk You Wake Up in a Swing?

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What a Ride

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Bunny Kicks Ass

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