dank meme about the evolution of penguins

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dinosaur memes

27 Pterrible Dinosaur Memes That Are Pure Dino-mite

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Gosh Darn it

Caption that reads, "I hate it when you see a sign and suddenly your plans are ruined" above a photo of a sign that depicts a person riding a triceratops with an X over it
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British Museums Are Serving Up Some Shockingly Spicy Memes

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You Can Never Reference Dinosaurs Too Much

Tweet that reads, "'Do you think I reference dinosaurs too much?' I asked. She was silent, like the p in pterodactyl, but it said everything"
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And That's How The Dinos Died Out

Twitter joke about how the dinosaurs died out wishing upon a shooting star that turned out to be a meteor
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Funny dinosaur memes.

20+ Dinosaur Memes & Posts That'll Make Your Boredom Go Extinct

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Nice Try

Funny meme about pride, dog and dinosaur.
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Funny meme about brontosaurus on a first date.
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Funny meme of a conversation between a dog in a dinosaur costume and a dinosaur toy.
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Funny collection of memes about drugs, sharing, animals, work, dinosaurs, depression, the simpsons, dating.

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Collection of the best and funniest Super Mario Odyssey memes.

It's-A-Meme: 22 Best Super Mario Odyssey Memes

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Probably Because It's Funny

Funny meme about dinosaurs having sex, tyrannosaurus rex to be exact. the female dinosaur asks the male to pull her hair as she is bent over, he say she is trying. The joke is funny because tyrannosaurs have short arms.
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Thursday memes involving Australia, furries, dating, relationships, religion, star wars, lord of the rings, conspiracy theories, tumblr, macaroni, grocery stores, dogs, america, dracula, horses, tv, dinosaurs, restaurants.

25 Random Memes to Kick Off Your Thursday

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Funny meme pretending to be outraged that Steven Spielberg would post with a dead dinosaur.
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