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Mental Health Memes For Those Who Need a Pick-Me-Up

Are you fighting demons?
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Depressingly Relatable Memes For Anyone Struggling to Keep It Together

Simply existing in 2023 is a pretty big deal. It feels like almost everyone I know is feeling some degree of crappy, whether due to their financial status, mental illness, or seasonal depression. But sometimes, you just…get used to it. And sometimes, the pain can transform you. For example, do you ever feel so crappy that the misery seems to transcend into a sort of dark humor ? If not, then we're sorry for you. You see, sometimes when life becomes so cosmically crappy, it can feel a lot like t…
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Downer Memes For People Who Lean Into the Pain

My goodness. It really has been a year or two. Honestly, maybe it's more like three. Whatever the case, time is moving quickly, and not in a fun speedy way but in a frantic upsetting way. Maybe it's because as we get older, time starts to feel as though it's moving faster. But, ya know, it could also just be our old friend “crippling depression ” that makes a thick fog of the days, weeks, months and years. While some people are snapping back into place after the pandemic, I still can't help but…
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A compilation of funny and random memes

If it's Memes You Want, it's Memes You'll Get

I am a simple woman who just wants people to be happy. Do you derive pleasure from chugging down ten 20 oz bottles of Diet Dr. Pepper every day of your life? If so, far be it from me to deny you such a delicacy. You might be the subject of derision from your family, your partner, your doctor, and society at large, but you won't be made fun of by me, no way, no how! We're all adults here, and we all have something in our lives that we do “too much” in order to cope with the extremely goofy
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A Hefty Helping of Memes & Things

Jump into the meme stream
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A compilation of funny memes about depression, mental health, and mental illness

Mental Health Memes For Those Fighting Demons

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A compilation of memes about mental health and mental illness

Mental Health Memes For Mentally Ill Memes Lovers

We all have mental health, but some of us have less mental health than others. Conversations around mental illness often focus on more socially acceptable diagnoses. Anxiety and depression are not only extremely common but also widely discussed. In a way, they've almost become completely destigmatized conditions. It's kind of wild how much more socially acceptable to talk about these things now. Back when boomers were growing up, it was incredibly hush-hush. Nowadays, everyone's on Lexapro, and…
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A compilation of memes about Depression and sadness

Depression Memes For Mental Health Havers

As a wise person once said, everybody has mental health . That much might be true, but unfortunately, not everybody has good mental health. Before we are born, we are entered into the mental health genetic lottery, and while some of us come out unscathed, those with a sweet, sweet history of mental illness will likely come out extremely scathed. The worst part about having mental health issues is that everybody thinks they're experts on how to help you. People roll out lethargic advice all the…
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15 Relatable Student Loan Memes For People Who Are Really Counting On Biden Coming Through On His Promises (August 24, 2022)

15 Relatable Student Loan Memes For People Who Are Really Counting On Biden Coming Through This Time (August 25, 2022)

C'mon Joey, don't play with us like this
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Sad Memes for Anybody Feeling the Blues

We're in this together
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Painfully Relatable Memes For People Whose Depression Isn't Seasonal

Ah yes, the summer. As a child I looked forward to this. Freedom from school. Warm weather. Maybe going to the beach. Languishing in my incredibly hot house eating fake popsicles made of juice as my mom somehow drank hot tea and chain smoked in the kitchen. The best times were visiting my grandparents and getting to watch cable television. Nowadays, summer is slightly less boring, but mostly because we have to exist as semi-functioning members of society as the season gets continuously unbearab…
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Relatable Work Memes and Things For Anyone in the Struggle

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Super Sad Memes For When You Need A Good Cry

Oh no
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Cute and funny memes featuring trash animals, depressing memes, self-deprecating memes.

Colorful Animal Memes With Self-Deprecating Sentiments

You'd think it would be hard to find someone who doesn't enjoy animal memes . First of all, animals are better than humans. They just are. Second of all, most of them are pretty cute or, at the very least, cool. Like snakes and shit. Or whales and sharks. But there are some people (I'm not naming any names) who think animal memes are too fluffy. Too happy. Too sweet. Sure, some of them describe relatable plights like, uh, being tired, or feeling stupid. But for the most part, animal memes are l…
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50 Memes Featuring Bleakly Relatable Themes

When the entirety of existence just seems to become a boring series of tedious tasks and tending to thankless responsibilities, it can be hard to find the time to decompress and watch that television show you've been meaning to binge watch, or read a good book for a the first time in lord knows how long. But we can't just let the perils, pains and boredom of adulthood get the better of us. We deserve a refreshing dose of spontaneous fun every now and then. Nobody wants a predictable life. Even…
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The Best Fresh History Memes This Week (March 9, 2022)

It is said that history repeats itself. And judging by the current turmoil in Russian and Ukraine, and the consistent shit show pretty much everywhere else, the statement does bear some truth. For all the world's technological advancements, hard-learned lessons, and brutal wars, we can't seem to get past the scourges of intolerance, hatred, and greed. While this senseless repetition is exhausting to witness in real time, it's a bit less torturous when it's expressed in the form of memes. Histor…
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