2017 is the Year of High Fashion

Funny fashion meme that suggests crocs as high heels, but the heel has smaller crocs on them.
Via Chase Taylor


Dank meme about how crocs are majestic AF
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Uh oh..

crocs quote image - 8983253504
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Why, Don't Do It, and Stop That

wtf socks crocs - 8759933184
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Congrats, You've Reached a New Low!

funny memes wore crocs in public

Have a Heart, Please!


Instant Croc Karma

ouch yikes FAIL gifs crocs - 8359259904
Created by ToolBee

They're More Than Ugly, They're Grotesque

crocs funny shoes ugly - 8233015296
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The Most Evil of Footwear

horrible evil crocs idiots funny - 8216931840
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Worst Style Ever

crocs funny no heels scary wtf - 8203659520
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Never Wear Crocs

crocs funny style wtf - 8197085952
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So That's What They're For

shoes poorly dressed crocs - 8178561024
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This Little Buddy Gets Custom Legs And Crocs

dogs gifs critters cute crocs - 8028619776
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Crocs' Oft-Overlooked Function

wtf cigarettes crocs funny - 7831491584
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Just Another Normal Croc Wearer

wtf bikes costume crocs beards funny - 7586006528
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Don't Mix Crocs & Booze

white trash booze crocs sandals - 7394907648
Created by xyzpdq1