Enjoy The Splendor Of Nature, But Pay Attention

nature FAIL cars crash moose funny - 7734713600

Farmville: Real Life Edition

tractor Farmville crash failbook g rated - 7541023232

To Protect And Swerve

yikes FAIL gifs cars crash funny - 7545483264

What a Faithful Motorcycle

FAIL gifs motorcycle crash funny - 7519048192
Created by ToolBee

Almost Escaped

FAILS yikes gifs freaky crash funny - 7453518592
Created by ToolBee

Wrong Place to Take a U-Turn

yikes FAIL gifs cars crash funny - 7442214144
Created by TSGIGOR ( Via Live Leak )

The Bike Race Market Just Crashed

ouch FAIL gifs bikes crash - 7380167680

Who Uses Safari?

browser internet crash safari - 4501179904
Created by 123porter

Not Reliable Delivery

beer truck crash - 3018472192
Created by redhunter124

Dunkin Donut's Parking is a Little Strange

FAIL gifs crash parking - 7135852032

How to Waste Thousands Of Dollars in a Few Seconds

piano wtf FAIL gifs cars crash - 7077647872

Mama Mia, That's Dumb Accident!

yikes FAIL gifs crash traffic - 7072969728
Created by _C_A_T_ ( Via Cheezburger )

Coming Through

FAIL gifs snows cars crash - 7061491712

Great Take-Off

yikes FAIL gifs planes crash - 7077844992

GIF - Passing In The Winter Can Be Dangerous

GIf of someone trying to pass on the road in the winter and spins out and looses the back of his car to trucks going the other direction.

The Best Way to Go Out With a Bang

training crash double meaning train - 7061400832
Via You Get Cake