We're just having a friendly conversation. Though you never know when auto correct will strike next. So double check every word, and have a laugh at some people who should have made sure they said what they meant.

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'How old is he? 50?': Boomer kid impresses internet with precocious knowledge of farm machinery

An old soul
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Entitled Gen Z Introverts Get Judged for Complaining About Talking to Retail Workers

Being polite isn't hard
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Judgmental Dad Splits Opinion After Telling Daughter She's a Disappointment For Becoming a Mom at 18

Not exactly supportive
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Childfree Woman Gets Advised by Redditors on What to Say to Her New Parent Friends

Another level of social niceties
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Twitter Users Discuss the Importance of Doing Small Talk

A necessary evil
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Parents Share Amusing and Adorable Things Their Kids Have Said

They're kooky
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Funny and Unsettling ChatGPT Interactions That Prove the Power of Machines

AI gone wild
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The Best Tweets About Bluesky, the Twitter Dupe That Bird App Users Are Desperate to Get On

No more Elon?
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Clueless Kids That Should Probably Get Off the Internet

Where are the parents
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Funny Tweets About ChatGPT, the New and Advanced AI Chatbot

It's just like a person
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Dude With Dwarfism Gets Petty Revenge on Patronizing Stranger, Starts Thread on How to Speak to Kids About Difference

That mom overstepped the mark
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Wild & Wacky Interactions That Almost Make Social Media Worth It

Say what
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Lady Shares Morning Routine With Husband, Gets Hounded by Angry Singletons

Happy marriage? How dare they
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More of the Funniest "Bro Girl" Memes Because That Woman Can't Stop Talking

She's losing her voice
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Best "Bro Girl" Memes for All the Ladies Who Love to Rant

Chewing his ear off
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Keanu Reeves Gets Spotted Conversing With Young Fan, Confirms He's Still A Great Person

Bless him
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