We're just having a friendly conversation. Though you never know when auto correct will strike next. So double check every word, and have a laugh at some people who should have made sure they said what they meant.

Tree's a Crowd

conversation facebook lolwut nomenclature status tree trees - 5352174848
Created by Voldemort
funny and punny snapchats with doodles of Mr. T and Snow white

Dude and His Girlfriend Exchange Hilariously Clever Snapchat Puns When They're Bored at Work, and These Are Our Favorites

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Their Conversation is a Little Stale...

cake conversation Hall of Fame muffin nothing similar sounding - 5759294976
Created by Bella8236


conversation Hall of Fame latte literalism similar sounding tea teasing - 4942117376

Maybe We Should Plank to Pass the Time?

board bored conversation double meaning homophone literalism - 6342850304
Created by PuffingBilly
funny and sad tinder moments

19 Funny and Sad Moments from the Wild World of Tinder

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Way to School Your Friends, Green

conversation facebook ocean variations on a theme - 6364894976
Created by Dur-Elen

NHOT Having a Giraffe

animals conversation elephant giraffes Hall of Fame koala literalism similar sounding - 6250946560
Created by _AfterDarkness_

That Ketchup Guy is Quite a Congenial Condiment

conversation double meaning Hall of Fame homophone homophones hotdog ketchup literalism meat meet - 5871764736
Created by grabmapaw
bar best conversation joke literalism Video - 41117953

'The Best Joke Ever!' (?)

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The Body, The Blood, The Bread Machine

religion status update variations on a theme conversation similar sounding facebook bread - 7014991104
Created by Aristocles

Musings on Music Theory

conversation facebook flat Music puns status update - 4831241216
Created by popsicles_jalapeno


comic conversation Hall of Fame - 4732688640

How Many Birds Can You Kill With One Stone?

bird birds conversation similar sounding - 5973091328
Created by Kraken42

Fishy Conversations

answer conversation double meaning fish literalism question - 6321161984
Via Reddit
conversation punny Video video game - 42457089

Black Mesa Knows How to Pun!

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