We're just having a friendly conversation. Though you never know when auto correct will strike next. So double check every word, and have a laugh at some people who should have made sure they said what they meant.

Way to School Your Friends, Green

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Created by Dur-Elen

NHOT Having a Giraffe

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Created by _AfterDarkness_

This is the Kind of IT Issue You Deal With Every Day in Europe

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Created by solo-espero

These Fish Jokes Need to Sease at Once!

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Created by venusaurmaster

And to Think, This is Just a Short Excerpt!

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Created by Elegy96

Gettin' Real Serious Up in This House Right Now...

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Created by Kyle Stewart ( Via www.housepetscomic.com )


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A funny conversation about trolling a gift card scammer. | 4:44 PM Hello are doing? Hey Aunt Christine l'm doing well thank is everyone doing there can now call each other and see information like Active Status and read messages. Doing wonderfully great. Hope everything is going on fine with Yep can't complain stationed San Diego. My wife and kids are back Va

Man Trolls Gift Card Scammer For Hours

Well done, my dude.
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Ugh, Your Ideas Are Always So Coconuts!

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Created by xyzpdq1

I Always Take These Kind of Jokes for Pomegranate

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Created by skateboarddog

Their Conversation is a Little Stale...

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Created by Bella8236
funny and sad tinder moments

19 Funny and Sad Moments from the Wild World of Tinder

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Tree's a Crowd

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Created by Voldemort


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Musings on Music Theory

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Created by popsicles_jalapeno


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