We're just having a friendly conversation. Though you never know when auto correct will strike next. So double check every word, and have a laugh at some people who should have made sure they said what they meant.

Be Careful What You're Talking About Right Meow

conversation meow Cats web comics - 8346345216
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The Art of Talking With Your Hands

conversation web comics life hacks - 8326945280
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You Just Made it Worse

Awkward conversation funny - 8262781696
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Disaster Avoided

conversation oh god why i lied everything went better than expected - 8245711616
Created by Unknown

Real Smooth

conversation facebook - 8249457920

Birds of a Feather Flock Together...

nothing to do here friends conversation - 8184967424
Created by whizkidindia

It's The Little Things

haircuts conversation happy web comics - 8138387968
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An Actual Phone Conversation I Had Recently

phones conversation web comics - 8139549952
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Sorry, I'm Short

conversation eye contact web comics - 8017431296
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Am I the Only One?

conversation relationships - 7991960320
Created by Yourfavoritelolcat

Happens All The Time

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Awkward Laughter is the Key to Conversing

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Pop Culture is For Muggles

Harry Potter conversation - 7810227200
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Smartphone Cannon Fodder

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They're Now Best Friends

booze drunk statue friends conversation funny - 7652225280
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Sorry, Pregnant Lady...

strangers Awkward conversation stains coffee pregnant train funny - 7488403712
Created by femkevandrooge