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Scatterbrained Memes For Unfocused People Who Don't Know What's Going On

Wait, what?
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Funniest Daylight Savings Memes For Those Perpetually Confused by the Clock

Enjoy the extra sleep
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Funny dank memes about reporter Jonathan Swan's facial reactions during an interview with Donald Trump | spotify listening music an ad about ads are annoying | monkey puppet side eye

Confused Reporter Interviewing Trump Is Inspiring Some Top-Tier Memeage

His reactions really are priceless.
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Funny dank memes entitled, "The What" featuring a confused Woman staring blankly with a smile Rug Doctor Ad | electricity is invented people will measure science: WATT test really hard. Freind: Yea problems on back were really hard

'The What' Memes Have Been Everywhere On The Internet Lately

Dank memers everywhere have been loving these!
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Funny GIF memes featuring John Cena looking confused wwe wwf pro wrestling | just-shower-thoughts "Queue" is just "Q" followed by 4 silent letters. n--blue-box | Boomers realizing COVID-19 wasn't caused by video games

'Confused John Cena' Makes For An Excellent New Dank Meme

Gotta love the acting in pro wrestling!
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These Are Confusing Times

Funny cartoon meme about how confusing the week between Christmas and New Years is | stick figures representing Christmas mood during December: festive, and mood between Christmas and new years: confused, full of cheese, unsure of the day of the week
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This Is Beyond Science

Funny meme that reads, "6-year-old me in the car wondering why the moon was following us" above a still of the Joker looking pensive riding in a car
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Where Do I Sign Up

Funny meme about the "Church of the Confused Chicken"
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Can't Stop Thinking About This

Caption that reads, "Our hands have fingertips, but our toes don't have toetips...yet we can tiptoe" above pics of a guy pondering
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Sorry For Being A Dumb Dumb

Panel showing Mike from Monster's Inc. not understanding something that's being explained to him; someone on Tumblr comments below that it is similar to being explained to them in math class
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I Have No Idea What's Going On

Caption that reads, "Everyone else: Actually understanding the class; Me: ..." above a pic of a cute fluffy dog looking confused
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All Students Know This Feeling

Stills of Spongebob telling Patrick to get a jar; Patrick gets a pickle and Spongebob says, "Patrick, that's a pickle;" Tumblr comment below that reads, "When you have no idea what the f*ck is going on in class anymore"
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Funny facebook marketplace ads, gross facebook marketplace, stupid facebook marketplace, casting couch. | Necklace - Girls Swap and Shop 1 hour ago Edited Edible panties. Only selling bcuz didn't know my bf didn't like licorice. Fits size large but can eat around waistband and re tie smaller. Only worn once. Like new condition. 40$ obo Like Comment 43 people like this. Trying decide if this is joke or not omg 1 hour ago Like 6 56 OP OP only an hour plus sprayed febreeze on them after kind kills

21 Times Facebook Marketplace Was Hilariously Out Of Control

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We've All Been Living A Lie

"You're not really an adult at all. You're just a tall child holding a beer, having a conversation you don't understand"
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This Pic of Six Girls Sitting on the Couch Has the Internet Helplessly Confused Right Now

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george orwell twitter FAIL trolling reactions confused celeb - 1192965

Celebrity's Hilarious Confusion About Orwell's 'Animal Farm' Inspires Even Better Twitter Meme War

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