Funny Twitter thread where people talk about making hard-boiled eggs for the ball inside the mouse in the '90s | Marina Ayano K @even_kei Kids these days will never know hardships each week having overcook fresh hardboiled egg yolk computer mouse 10:18 AM 5/21/20 Twitter Web App

Oddly Specific Twitter Troll About Boiled Eggs Is A Flashback From The '90s

'90s kids are really showing their age here!
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Very Helpful Indeed

Funny meme about unhelpful loading screen tips | Loading screen tips be like: people die if they are killed math is math lunchtime is for lunch
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Funny and cute memes featuring a baby beating a computer at a game of chess cartoon illustration comic drawing | Coronavirus Bubonic Plague | Minecraft Fortnite

Baby Beats A Computer At Chess In This Adorable New Meme

These are too cute.
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My Anxiety Is Skyrocketing

Funny meme about people who keep too many folders on their computer desktop | the monsters live among us
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Funny dank memes about the discontinuation of Microsoft's operating system Windows 7 | meme heaven numerous characters from popular culture princess diana, elvis presley, tupac, bob ross, princess leia, harambe saying Come, join us to the windows 7 logo. woody from toy story so long partner.

Dank Memers Mourn The Loss Of The Beloved Windows 7

At least we get memes out of this.
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Those Were The Days Man

Funny Twitter meme that reads, "Kids in the '90s playing games on a PC" above pics of a group of kids looking overly excited while playing said games
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Rupert Pls

Funny classical art meme using computer-related pickup lines. damn girl are you sitting on an f5 key? because that ass is refreshing. rupert are you a software update? because not right now.
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Funny Twitter memes and reactions about the price of Apple's new Mac Pro

Apple Releases Its $50,000 Mac Pro, The Internet Reacts

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Cursed Meme

Funny meme that reads, "When you notice there is a hair on your screen" above an image of Jerry from 'Tom and Jerry' and a hair on the screen
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Funny comics about computers, system 32

Nineteen Quality Comics Brimming With Computer Humor

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Nothing To See Here

Funny meme that reads, "*People thinking that immigrants are taking their jobs;* Robots: ..." above pics of the shifty-eyed monkey puppet
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memes about programming and technology and all things that nerds and people who work in the computer field understand

Techy Memes For The IT-Inclined

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Funny memes about coding and programming

17 Coding Memes For The Frustrated Software Engineer

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Funny memes about programming, computer science, coding, developers

17 Tech Memes For All The Geeky Coders

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It Finally Happened

Funny tweet that reads, "Well that's a first" above a screenshot of someone who saved a file as random letters and a notification that says that name has already been used
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programming computer science technology funny memes programmers computer Tech developers - 8436485

21 Techy Programmer Memes To Make You (Inter)Facepalm

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