A compilation of funny random memes

Memes To Lull You To Sleep Tonight

It's been a long day, and you've done so much. You've accomplished what many people have failed at: continuing to be alive. Whether you spent that day ignoring your chores and watching Frasier reruns or climbing Mount Kilimanjaro for the second time, you deserve a nice long sleep. Whether the night is young or elderly, you can get some shut-eye . But not just yet. After all, you need to accomplish at least one last thing before you go to bed. Why not consume a story? Consuming a story might ver…
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A compilation of memes about programming and computer science

The Funniest Programming Memes of the Week (September 11, 2022)

Good day, programmers . Today is Sunday, which hopefully means you're only looking at programming memes and not doing any actual programming today. After all, it's essential to have a healthy work-life balance. But I know as well as anyone that sometimes, work has to come before life. When you have something necessary and time-consuming to do, the workday is often not long enough. It's a sad reality, and we all find different ways to deal with it. Suppose you're reading this during the workweek…
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A compilation of funny memes about programming, programmers, IT, and computer science.

The Funniest Programming Memes of the Week (August 21, 2022)

Jokes about esoteric topics like programming and computer science are best communicated through memes. Otherwise, you've got yourself with a bunch of corny knock-knock jokes that nobody under 55 will enjoy. For instance, the following jokes are what you could be getting if you got your programming humor elsewhere. "Programmer goes to his computer. He's working at home. Right now, he's coding a music player for his own system. He tests it, seeing that it works. His friend calls him and says: "Wh…
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A compilation of IT, programmer, and computer science memes.

Computer Science Memes For STEM Kings

I don't know if this is said enough, so I'm just going to flat out say it; Being a programmer is a huge accomplishment. Sure, the general population praises those pursuing STEM fields during their high school and college years, but what about after they manifest their dreams of becoming programmers? Programmers and IT specialists work long, hard hours that it's difficult for the normies of the world to understand. You have to learn complex coding languages, stop and start over, all while never…
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Malfunctioning Digital Bathroom Faucet Prompts Nightmares

Guess those hands are staying dirty
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20+ Memes for People Who Stare at a Computer All Day

We see you.
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computer, pc, pc gamer, pc gaming, gamer, cursed, weird, wtf, strange, gross

Cursed Computer Setups To Enrage Your Inner Gamer

In this day and age, many people have a life that revolves almost entirely around their computer . It’s what they work from and where they go for their leisure time, so it’s important to have a setup that’s comfortable and works for you. While you might think that this is a simple and logical point to make, unfortunately not everybody got the memo. There are some absolutely deranged PC arrangements out there, and @CursedSetups is on a mission to document as many of them as possible. No doubt ab…
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People Share The Weirdest Things They “Have A Guy” For

Surprisingly pure
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All The Catty Memes That Cannibalized The Windows 11 Launch

Here we go again.
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smart home, phone, technology, scary, sci-fi, tiktok, twitter, computer, home, house, tour, future

Homeowner Gives Everyone Anxiety After Showing Off Futuristic Smart Home

A sci-fi horror waiting to happen.
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Funny memes for developers, programmers, programming memes, tech memes, internet memes, coding memes, coders

Programming Memes For Frustrated Coders

We see you.
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So Beautiful

Funny Twitter meme that reads, "Guess the place?" above an image of a girl appearing to be on vacation somewhere; someone comments below, "Window XP?"
Via Land0fMemes
Funny dank memes showing Bill Gates saying, "It's amazing to think what great and exciting things people will be doing with PCs in 30 years" | Minecraft Ricardo Milos | Titanic woman yelling at a cat

Dank Memes That Make Fun Of All The Dumb Crap On The Internet, Starring Young Bill Gates

What have we done to the internet...
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Funny dank memes entitled, "Weal vs. Strong Password" | New Password Palpatine Too weak Star Wars | New Password Knees kingofthelol Weak New Password Arms Heavy Eminem mom's spaghetti

Seventeen Dank Memes About The Frustrations Of Choosing A 'Strong Vs. Weak Password'

We're lovin' this meme right now.
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And Now It's, 'Huh, Maybe I Should Get Off The Computer'

Funny tweet that reads, "Remember in 2004 when you were like 'I'm gonna go on the computer'"
Via NothingButReactionGifs
Funny Twitter memes and reactions to Henry Cavill building a PC | girl posing with her legs spread over a fountain of water | Üther @MissFortuneAte Henry Cavill builds pc internet: Sweating Rilakkuma

Henry Cavill Building A PC Has Twitter Thirsting Hardcore

*Fans self*
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