Every Time

Funny meme about clicking stuff when your coputer isnt loading.
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Funny programming memes

20 Programming Memes That'll Trigger Any Developer

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You Had One Job

Funny meme about Windows task manager.
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When The Program Stops Responding

funny tom and jerry goons meme about task manager.
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geeky tech memes

29 Hilarious Memes All Tech Geeks Will Appreciate

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Spanish grandmother creates masterpieces with ms paint, concha garcia zaera, computers, viral.

This Grandmother's MS Paint Masterpieces Will Blow Your Mind

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Update incoming!

windows 10 update perfectly working pc
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The struggle is real

windows update my time my patience
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Funny meme about computers working because of bees.
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She's Really Making It "Pop"

Funny meme about graphic design being this girl's passion, she's written hoe on her computer.
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Funny meme about the task manager not responding, palpatine saying it's ironic that it could save others but not itself.
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Toiugh Call

Funny Who Would Win meme about computers and friendships.
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Collection of funny memes in the OK Bye Mom format, where kid runs to the computer to search something after his mother leaves to run errands. The memes cover all sorts of topics, garlic bread, politics, donkey kong, pokemon, anime, porn, hentai, the simpsons, putin, trump, dogs.

Mother's Day Roundup: Best Of OK Bye Mom

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On Point

When you capitallize the first letter of a sentence using shift, image of a man with a large body and a small head.
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It's Not In There

dogs hackers computer image - 8990487296
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Dude it sure does

computer - 8986450688
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