No One, Absolutely No One

Funny meme that reads, "Every day in the shower" above a still of Sarah Silverman saying in the shower saying, "Who am I shaving my legs for?"
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Funny video of a woman who tells a story by first prefacing with "long story short"

Amusing Video Calls Out Liars Who Say 'Long Story Short'

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Funny memes about bei ng a woman, cringe

Girly Memes For The Basic B*tch In All Of Us

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Funny audition video where Bill Hader acts poorly on purpose

Bill Hader's Acting Is Atrocious In This Hysterical Audition

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Yes, It's True

Funny meme that reads, "My answer whenever someone asks me how old I am;" above a photo of John Mulaney saying, "I was once on the telephone with Blockbuster Video"
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Funny video of a comedian with no hands explaining how she gets through awkward situations

No-Handed Comedian Hilariously Details Her Most Awkward Interactions With Cashiers

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Funny video of comedian Matthew Broussard explaining how college is like a reality TV show

Comedian Hilariously Explains Why College Is Like A Reality TV Show

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The Weekend Update Has Always Been Full Of Gems

Still of Chevy Chase saying, "Let's take a brief look back at 1975, shall we?" above another still of him looking back at a screen that says "1975"
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Hot Take

Caption that reads, "How would you improve America?" above a pic of Dave Chappelle saying, "Metric"
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Fooled Ya, Teach

Caption that reads, "When a teacher says you can't use Wikipedia as a reference so you use the references from Wikipedia as the source" above a still of Dave Chappelle saying, "Modern problems require modern solutions"
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twitter story hip hop rap the daily show texas pranks houston comedian - 5836805

Comedian's Prank Call On Hip-Hop Mogul Hilariously Backfires

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spongebob debate

The Internet Is Fiercely Debating Whether Spongebob Is A Sea Sponge Or A Dish Sponge

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Funny memes and clapbacks to bbq becky, tim northern, nashville comedian.

Racist BBQ Becky Savagely Trolled By Clever Comedian

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Eddie Murphy Totally Looks Like Cruz e Souza

comedian eddie murphy poet - 2839036672
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Pastor Joel Osteen Totally Looks Like Comic Tim Allen

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A Comedian That Left Their Mark

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