Jim Carrey Totally Looks Like George Jones

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Nathan Lane Totally Looks Like Lou Costello

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Demetri Martin Totally Looks Like Schmendrick the Magician

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Derrick Bateman (WWE) Totally Looks Like Andy Samberg

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I Can't Believe I Just Laughed at That

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Ned's Short-Lived Comedy Career

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It All Makes Sense Now

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Carrot Top Totally Looks Like Princess Merida

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An Illustrated Guide to Meme Jobs

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In Soviet Russia...

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Lip Sync Kid Totally Looks Like Dr. Steve Brule (John C. Reilly)

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This Dude Totally Looks Like Seth Rogen

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George Carlin Totally Looks Like Sigmund Freud

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Nestor Kirchner Totally Looks Like Marty Feldman

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Petra Kvitova Totally Looks Like Graham Chapman

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