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Funny meme about an iceberg that looks like Batman.
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Climate Change Is Real

Funny meme about rising ocean levels threatening corgi (dog meme.)
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How Times Change

Funny meme about the Titanic cast (Kate Winslet, Leonardo DiCaprio, Billy Zane) being back together and saving icebergs instead of dealing with the Titanic iceberg.
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TFW They Think Climate Change Isn't Real

Funny meme about cracking one open with the boys but it's about the recent withdrawal from the Paris Accord by Donald Trump.
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I made these charts for my 5 year old son to understand CO2 and Global Warming. Pass it on to any Republicans you know.

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Government vs Climate Change

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Chill, Bro

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Sun Burned

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Global Warming Disproved

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The Positive Side of Climate Change

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Bozo Braintrust

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These Terrifying Maps Show What Major Cities Would Look Like if Sea Levels Rose Only a Few Meters

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So That's Who's Behind Global Warming

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The Ultimate I Told You So

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The Choice of a Generation

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An Age Old Argument

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