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Informative Twitter thread about climate change | tweet by Lorrie Goldstein @sunlorrie Next time Social Justice Warrior tells science is settled" on global warming, ask them explain science. Then watch fun

'SJW' Puts Climate-Change Denier In His Place

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Funny video clip from Bob's Burgers where Tina Belcher learns how to drive, demonstrating that the world will end via climate change

How The World Will End, As Demonstrated By Tina Belcher

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Funny and depressing memes about ecology, animals, science, the environment | Spotted at Cleveland Museum Natural History. Apparently curator Entymology has sense humor: bugs nailed to a board and a toy car among them. posted by Chris Okula Not enough watched Ferngully as child and shows.

Twenty-Nine Ecology Memes To Browse Through While Australia Burns

This is serious, people.
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He Tried, And That's All That Matters

Funny tweet by Jay Inslee that reads, "I'm a Boomer and it's time for our generation to do our part to defeat climate change. Ok, Boomers? (Did I do that right?)" above a still of Will Smith saying, "He a little confused, but he got the spirit"
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Funny dank memes about Elon Musk donating $1 million to help plant trees

Elon Musk's Tree Donation Has Memers Riled Up

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Funny dank memes about the wildfires in California

Sixteen Mildly Insensitive Memes About The California Wildfires

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Funny memes from @dyingbutfine, barbie memes ,depressing memes, dark humor.

Barbie Gets Dark In These Self-Deprecating Memes

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Funny dank memes from r/dankmemes subreddit, michael jackson memes

Fresh And Spicy Memes From The Dank Corners Of Reddit

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Funny meme that reads, "Politicians: the planet isn't that hot; the planet: ..." above a photo of a metal slide in the summer
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Insane people facebook, internet bullying, boomers, climate change, greta thunberg

Cringey Times Greta Thunberg Was Attacked By Insane Internet Bullies

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Funny memes, random memes, dank memes, spicy memes

Freshly Harvested Dank Memes For The Spice Hunters (20 Memes)

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Let's Be Considerate Of Them

Funny meme about leaving the world a good place for Willie Nelson and Keith Richards
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Depressing Twitter reactions about the Amazon rain forest being on fire

The Amazon Rainforest Is Currently On Fire (10 Reactions)

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*Raises Hand*

Tweet that reads, "Retweet this if your retirement plan is basically 'civilization will probably crumble before I'm 65 and money will be meaningless anyway"
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Yes, Definitely

Funny meme about shooting the sun to fix global warming.
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Oh Hell Yeah

Pic of Froot Loops cereal straws with the caption, "Since we're starting to become more environmentally savvy and ditching plastic straws, may I recommend bringing these bad boys back"
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