Funny and raunchy pics of the Elf on the Shelf

Raunchy Pics Of Elf On The Shelf Gone Wild

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Funny memes about winter

Fifteen Cool Winter Memes For The Hibernators

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It's That Time Of Year Again

Funny tweet about a guy who originally promised to never lie to his kids, only to later determine that it is okay to tell little white lies sometimes
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Funny video of a store manager at Target giving a speech right before the Black Friday rush

Target Manager Gives Epic Speech Before Black Friday Chaos

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Funny mocking tweets about Scott Walker's 'holiday tree' tweet

Politician's Overly Sensitive Tweets About 'Holiday Trees' Get Roasted

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No In Betweens

Funny meme that reads, "There are 2 moods remaining in 2019" above pics of Jack Skellington from 'Nightmare Before Christmas' and Tim Allen in 'The Santa Clause'
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It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

Funny meme that reads, "Weather drops 2 degrees" above an image of a Michael Buble Christmas album and someone drinking hot chocolate
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Poor Sam

Pic of a goalie on a foggy soccer field with Tumblr text that reads, "Goalkeeper Sam Bartram, alone on the pitch, not realizing that the game had been abandoned 15 minutes earlier due to heavy fog - December 25, 1937;" someone comments below, "My last brain cell"
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fake products

18 Totally Fake And Bizarre Products That We Desperately Wish Were Real

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Funny protest signs, candy crush

17 Clever Protest Signs That We Can Get Behind

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Funny tweets, relatable tweets, sleep, work.

24 Relatable Tweets That Speak The Truth

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Tweet that reads, "I was home for Christmas and my parents cooked a beef tenderloin. I said, 'Man, Budapest is going to love this.' They asked who Budapest was. I said, I named my stomach Budapest because it's the capital of HUNGRY,' and that's when they stopped calling me son"
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Funny tweets, dating tweets, random tweets.

25 Entertaining Tweets For When You Just Need A Break

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That Was A Lie

Caption that reads, "Boss: It's great to be back to work today; Me: ..." above a still of Luke Skywalker saying, "Amazing. Every word of what you've just said is wrong"
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Funny meme about how the grinch didnt hate christmas, the grinch hated people, which is fair.
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Ryan Reynolds pranked by Jake Gyllenhaal and Hugh Jackman

Ryan Reynolds Getting Pranked Is Inspiring Some Hilarious Trending Memes

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