Aw Yiss

Caption that reads, "When you're five years old and your parents take you to a fancy restaurant and the waiter asks what you want" above a pic of a kid dabbing on some chicken strips
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Well, That's One Way To Put It

Pic of a sign that reads, "Butt nuggets for sale, fresh" with a pic of a chicken
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Caption that reads, "'How broke are you?' Me: ..." above a pic of a plate of rice shaped like a chicken drumstick next to some ketchup
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Caption that reads, "What if chickens had front-facing eyes" above a photoshopped pic of a chicken with front-facing eyes
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Funny chicken shaming pics.

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Funny memes for a quick distraction from your boring day

25 Distracting Memes For When You Want To Waste Your Time

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When You're On A Diet And Everything Starts Looking Like Food

Funny meme about volcano looking like a chicken finger.
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Pic of a toddler holding a baby chick up to a flower with the caption, "Smell the goddamn flower you piece of shit baby chicken"
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Ready For Battle With His Mighty Steed!

Pic of The Rock riding a chicken under the caption, "You've heard of Elf on the Shelf, now get ready for..."
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That Was Fast

Funny meme about deleting social media for mental health.
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You Lose!

'The Chicken Game' featuring a large picture of a chicken and text that says that if you see the chicken then you lose
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I Find It Kinda Sad

Funny meme about hairless cats.
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hong kong chicken fried chicken kfc funny fast food - 5371909

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Livin' The Dream

Funny meme about a chicken being relaxed because he lives in a vegan neighborhood.
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Hell Yeah

Funny meme about ordering chicken fingers at a fancy restaurant.
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The Bois

Funny meme about chicken nuggets and self control.
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