delivery man hilarious has to go to war with a chicken during a drop off

‘Oh god, I’m really at war with a chicken right now': New hilarious video of delivery man who has to yeet a troublesome chicken goes viral

“His boss is never going to believe why he was late to the next few stops.”
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Weekly Internet Roundup: Man Vs. Chicken, Deadly VR, and Tumblr Preps for Twitter's Demise

What's better than this? Guys being dudes!
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Legend Makes Twitter History Eating a Whole Rotisserie Chicken Daily for 40 Days

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A compilation of funny and random memes

Timeless Memes For The Whole Family

Some memes do not age well. Like an abandoned loaf of bread in the pantry, you can read their age in one foul sniff. They smell like 2012 and whatever sick place you were in life during the year of Call Me Maybe and twee. Many current memes read like a real who's who of modern online discourse. If you show these memes to people who have never been on Twitter, they be completely incomprehensible to them. The ideal meme does not fall into either one of those camps. Sure, sometimes you want to go…
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chicken sandwich chicken food memes funny memes chick fil-a Memes fast food - 17855237

Blessed Chick-Fil-A Memes for the Fast-Food Chicken Champions

"The Lord's choice of fast-food."
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A compilation of adorable animal memes and imagess

The Best Animal Memes of the Week (September 3rd, 2022)

In my humble opinion, the greatest song ever written is Gilda Radner's “ Let's Talk Dirty To The Animals .” In that tune, the original SNL cast member revealed some timeless truths about the animal kingdom. That song isn't really about being dirty or nasty or filthy. It's about camaraderie. Non-human animals don't want to be talked down to or patronized. Animals are people to, and they deserve to be talked to dirty just as much as anybody else. If you've never heard Gilda Radner tell an alligat…
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chicken sandwich hungry chicken wings chicken chimken food memes spicy Memes lol saucy funny wingstop chicken nuggets - 17811973

Funniest Chicken Wing Memes for Anybody Obsessed With Their Saucy Spicy Goodness

Don't get me started on Wingstop!
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A compilation of generally animal themed memes

Animal Memes To Celebrate Our Furry Little Friends

. Whoever said dogs were “Man's Best Friend” forgot to include penguins, raccoons , salmon, and all animals in the animal kingdom. Animals are the light of our lives. They deserve parades and non-toxic cakes celebrating their existence. Disney's Animal Kingdom is just that; a theme park devoted to celebrating animals 365 days a year. They say it's not a zoo, but it's totally a zoo. Animal Kingdom is 33% depictions of wildlife in Asia and Africa, 33% Pandora the World of Avatar, and 33% DInoland…
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Girl Cooks Chicken and Rice for Sister, Creative Presentation Has People Losing Their Minds

Where's her Michelin star
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A compilation of memes about fried chicken for National Fried Chicken Day.

Chicken-Fried Memes For 'National Fried Chicken Day'

Yeehaw! It's National Fried Chicken Day y'all! Fried chicken is probably my favorite food, so as you could imagine, this is a deeply reverent and vital holiday for me. If you don't know the difference between fried chicken, chicken fried steak, and chicken fried chicken, then today may not be your day. Fried chicken is one of the most delicious foods, no matter where you get it from. You are valid if you're a grocery store fried chicken diva. If you tend to go for one of the chain fried chicken…
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Informative Twitter thread about how chickens have increased in size and are worse for your health, food science

Sobering Thread Explores the Startling Transformation of Chickens in the United States

If you're not a vegan, vegetarian, or pescatarian in the United States, chances are your diet involves at least a bit of chicken. Eating healthy as an omnivore has almost become synonymous with eating massive amounts of chicken breasts. On a less healthy note, pretty much every restaurant you go to will, at the very least, offer diners a chicken sandwich of some kind. Every year in the US we consume 26 billion pounds of the bird and spend almost $30 billion on broiler birds. According to @MrSol…
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Viral TikTok of a chicken photoshoot

TikTok Goes Viral After Sharing Amazing Photoshoot of a Chicken

Who is she?
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hulk, the incredible hulk, chicken, accessory, facebook, facebook marketplace, twitter, lol, amazing

Internet Falls In Love With 3D Printed Hulk Arms For Chickens

Is this where technology peaks?
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Article about how KFC Spain @kfc_es is using Twitter to share cursed images and shitposts instead of just pandering to their audience on social media, funny tweets | single fried chicken drum | Cornn Flaek cryptid eating from a bucket of KFC fried chicken

KFC Spain Is Taking Over Twitter With Cursed Shitposts

Move over, Denny's. There's a new sheriff in town.
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That Seems Right

Funny meme that reads, "Hen tie or something, I don't know I never watched anime" above an illustration of a hen wearing a tie
Via H0unds0fl0ve
Funny video about a man ranting in front of a city council about how "boneless" chicken wings are improperly named

Dude Rants About Boneless Chicken Wings In City Council Meeting

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