Deal Breaker

Funny meme about chicken leaving date because his date ordered scrambled eggs.
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Funny meme about a chicken at a job interview.
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Always With The Ponytail

Funny meme of a chicken with a ponytail, text says it looks like a gamestop employee.
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We're All Gay

Funny meme about a news article that claims chicken nuggets can make you gay.
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Funny meme about when you turn off the lights in the basement and run up the stairs very quickly so nothing kills you, photo of chicken running quickly.
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Which Nug Would Win?

Funny meme - someone asks their friend to bring a nug, meaning marijuana, they bring a chicken nugget in a small bag that is used for drugs.
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chicken FAIL cooking trolling facebook food - 1367301

Woman Decides An Act of Trolling's Best Served Semi-Cold, Tricks Internet With 'Medium-Rare' Chicken Post

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texts between guy and girl where the guy asks to see pic of the girl'a body

Guy Relentlessly Asks Girl For Nudes But She Gets Him With Saucy Onslaught of Chicken Puns

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Watch Out

chicken fries image - 9000092928
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twitter chicken FAIL kid London food funny - 1235461

This Hilarious Kid Going Around London Reviewing Chicken Shops Is Just What 2016 Needed

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Close Enough, Right?

chicken cooking image - 8994218496
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There's Someone for Everyone

wtf chicken prom dating - 8994211328
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If It's Fried It's Probably Good

chicken Memes image - 8993433088
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How Are You Supposed to Compete With That?

chicken cheetos image - 8987746048
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Either Way, She's Gonna Get Heartburn

image dating chicken Either Way, She's Gonna Get Heartburn
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Sacrificed For the Sake of Comedy

web comics jokes comics Sacrificed For the Sake of Comedy
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