No one expected me to enter the cereal bowl eating contest, but not to worry, I have a few Trix up my sleeves.

Sweet Kicks, Bro!

cereal double meaning homophone literalism shoes slang - 6591942912
Via Ancient-Goon

The Future

cereal future mother of god - 6561938688
Created by prismweed

When Life Gives You Lemons

adage brand cereal double meaning lemons life literalism name - 6533008384
Via Punblr

Rage Comics: Pork-O's

cereal cereal guy Rage Comics - 6493248256
Created by beneb19

Breakfast Time

breakfast cereal cheerios food toliet wtf - 6494434304

What About The Prize?

cereal food - 4384132096
Created by MaskedGuyWithABroom

A Balanced Breakfast is Overrated

all the things cereal none of the things Rage Comics - 6471040768
Created by slurpee3113

Re-Raged: The Nightmare Ends

cereal fear Rage Comics - 6458276864
Created by Carine


cereal hilarious life racist well - 4978896128
Created by lemonlad7

Can't Read My Cereal Face

cereal lady gaga poker face spray - 6391180800
Created by 19Zoey88

Gotta Get That Ratio Right

cereal fat forever alone Rage Comics - 6326520320
Created by tuurkishdelight

100% Pure Sugar Dust

cereal me gusta noms Rage Comics - 6310133504
Created by monoho

I Might Be a Cannibal

cereal Rage Comics raisin face - 6294812672
Created by ncampbell20

The Anatomy of Breakfast Food

anatomy breakfast cereal eggs food - 6283552768
Created by S.P.A-Bits ( Via Bite )

That's Why I Only Eat the Marshmallows

cereal dog food lucky charms Pie Chart - 6237959168

Just Eat the Damn Cereal

all that racket cereal parenting Rage Comics - 6208407296
Created by Viper-commander