Brad Pitt joking that Jonah Hill is not a serious actor.

Jonah Hill's Not a Serious Actor?

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Ouch... Still Gonna Eat It

image cake burn Ouch... Still Gonna Eat It
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Twitter Can Be a Dreadful Place

girl gets destroyed on twitter for dreadlocks looking like
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twitter list troll burn - 853765

Tesco Mobile's Ruthless Twitter Account Is Burning Everyone Who Dares to Disrespect

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twitter list staples burn win - 852229

Kris Jenner Is Trying to Sell a Necklace Made of Paperclips and Staples Just Won the Internet

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What Would You Do to Avoid Getting a Ticket?

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When You Ask Obvious Questions, You'll Get an Obvious Answer

funny social media image Tennents Lager gives amazing response to tweet
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When Your Graffiti Becomes a Work of Art

bathroom graffiti i lack creativity
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It burns!

ouch rage shower eyes soap shampoo troll burn - 8580772864
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When You Aren't Able To Roast Your Really Snarky Friend

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rage bath burn - 8564707840
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Can Someone Link Her That 'List of Burn Centers' Wikipedia Page, Please?

relationships facebook burn dating - 8272558080

That Settles It

studying burn - 4716660736
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BRB Killing Self

twitter burns

20 of the Sickest Burns of All Time

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An Insult Oscar Wilde Would Be Proud Of