Text conversation where Person 1 says, "You aren't gonna believe who is beautiful!" Person 2 says, "Who is?" and Person 1 says, "Read the first two words"
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Sick Burn Bro

Tumblr post that reads, "Today my little brother (he's six) put a seashell to his ear and told me the ocean said I'm a nerd"
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Sick Burn

Text conversation where someone asks why the chicken crossed the road, with the answer "to get to the idiot's house;" then they say "knock knock, it's the chicken" to their friend
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He's Still Out There Climbing

Text conversation where the guy asks the girl if she's single, and the girl responds with a picture of a guy climbing to symbolize that he's 'climbing out of the friendzone'
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Cross-stitch with a picture of Pluto that says, "Dear NASA, your mom thought I was big enough. Love, Pluto"
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Campbell's Brought The Heat

Campbell's ad featuring two dads and their son; a homophobic woman complains about it and Campbell's makes a witty comeback
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Hot Tip

Funny meme and roasting of someone who shoplifted.
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Funny savage tweets about shit kids say.

24 Times Kids Were Unintentionally Savage

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Wendy's Is On The Meme Tip

Funny meme, infinity war, wendy's, twitter.
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text virginity funny burn - 9152686848
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brutal roasts that burn

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Is There A Healing Spell For Burns?

Funny meme about Harry Potter game in which Draco makes fun of his ear muffs.
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Oh Snap

Funny Gordon Ramsay burn about crabs.
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Funny meme about Gordon Ramsay dissing someone's steak by saying they need a new smoke alarm (The steak looks burnt to a crisp.)
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Burn meme of waitress offering to 'take this mess away' and the man responds that he already ordered her an Uber ride.
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