Ya For Real

Tweet that reads, "Can the bread come get me for once"
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Garlic Bread Will Never Betray You

Pic of garlic bread with text that reads, "Only garlic bread has no 'end.' Garlic bread will always stay by your side, share to spread the truth"
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The Children Are Our Future

Funny meme about sticking hand into toaster to prove not bread.
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Bread Gives You Cancer

Caption that reads, "I warned y'all about gluten" above a pic of a guy with a pancake on his face swinging a machete around"
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Funny meme about eating a lot of bread at 4 am.
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Funny rise and grind memes, let's get this bread memes.

24 'Let's Get This Bread' Tweets For The Risers And Grinders

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The Perfect Gift!

Fake advertisement for 'bread gloves' that can make anything into a sandwich
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Who Are You?

Funny meme about bread storage.
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Bread > Babies

Funny meme about wanting bread more than babies.
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Sliced Bread Never Looked So Good

Funny meme that says Wonder Woman sequel will be about Wonder Woman as though she has something to do with wonder bread, photoshop.
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On a Roll

Funny bread meme/pun, text reads "doctor i have pain in both legs" - photos of baguettes wearing shoes. Pain is how you say bread in French.
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My Kind of Flag

Funny patch that is a riff of the snake "Don't Tread On Me" Flag, but it says "Throw Bread At Me."
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