Imagine Your Hands Are Hotdogs

bread fingers hotdogs funny wtf - 8360979712
Created by Unknown

Professor Duck

bread ducks college web comics - 8333054720

Tear and Not-So-Share

all the things bread forever alone i lied - 8326077184
Created by heather.tinkler.14

Let's Take a Walk Over There

metal bread web comics - 8286562560
Via Art JCF

Finders Keepers

birds gifs critters bread food theft - 8282154496
Created by Unknown

I Guess the Duck Was Full...

bread duck Okay - 8260336896
Created by DissolveTheKitten

We Are Bready to Rest

Cats bread gifs pillows - 8240457984
Created by Unknown

Jesus That's Probably Full of GMO's, Too

jesus diets bread fish web comics - 8189854208

Don't Know if He's Bready For This

animation Cats bread gifs - 8176273920
Via Daniel T. Flynn

Multiple Times

cops wtf bread angry funny - 8176018944
Created by Unknown

The Meaning Behind a Duck's Quacks

bread ducks diabetes web comics - 8174777344
Via Loading Artist

Heron Fishes With Bread

birds critters bread fish gifs - 8163459328
Created by Unknown

He Saved Them From a Crummy Life

bread puns web comics - 8083744256
Via Nineteen Letters Long

She Looks Delicious!

hair bread delicious funny - 8060321280
Created by beernbiccies

Hunger, Solved...

hunger bread funny magic - 7964046848
Created by ToolBee

Raccoon Family And Bread Scraps

critters bread gifs raccoons - 8019456512
Created by ani.s4 ( Via Youtube )