funny coomic about how you buy books but don't read them, or donate them.
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Funny meme, frog and toad, can't stop eating cookies.
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troll in the  dedicated section of books

18 Troll-y Authors Who Brought The Sass In The 'Dedicated' Section

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He's Just Too Shy To Say

Pic of a book title that reads, "God is Not Mad at You" next to another book title that reads, "He's Just Not that Into You"
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Funny memes, random memes.

22 Pointless Memes To Help Distract You From Your Woes

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This Is All Of Us

Tweet that reads, "In elementary school when we would have read out loud to the class from the textbook I would literally count the kids in front of me and figure out what section I was reading so I could practice it before it got to my turn and I think that's where my anxiety started"
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It's All Downhill From Here

Funny meme about wasting life.
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I'll Tell You How It Is In 20 Years

Caption that reads, "Just bought a book from Ikea" above a pic of a bunch of Scrabble pieces
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The Blue Curtains Symbolize Faulkner's Failing Marriage, Duh

Caption that reads, "Writer: *Writes novel with no underlying meaning whatsoever;* Literature teachers: ..." above a still of Buzz LIghtyear with laser-beam eyes saying "Hmm"
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Funny library book signs and displays.

13 Times Libraries Flexed Their Senses Of Humor

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funny and weird amazon reviews

14 WTF Amazon Reviews That Deserve An Award For Their Absurdity

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Funny memes from sparknotes combining literary classics, literature, with tv shows, the office, arrested development, parks and rec.

These Hilarious Memes Combine Literary Classics With Our Favorite TV Shows

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It Was Brutal

Still of Boromir from Lord of the Rings in the snow yelling, "Where the f*ck are we, Gandalf?" Gandalf yells back, "This is the route our parents took to school!"
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Inquiring Minds Need To Know

Pic of Kermit the Frog reading a book titled, "How to Slap Someone Through the Internet"
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Mind Blowing

Caption that reads, "Once you've read the dictionary, every other book you read is just a remix" above a pic of one of the guys from Daft Punk reading a newspaper
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Yeah, I Love Books

Funny meme about dating, anniversary, computer password.
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