A Very Discerning Publication

Funny meme about how it feels like every book that's published becomes a New York Times bestseller. | Madagascar penguins wouldn't that make Bestseller
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Funny memes, lord of the rings memes, nerdy memes, tolkien tuesdays | ISILDUR one ring ELROND guy stealing podium and disappointed cricket fan | NEVER HAS BEEN WAIT S NOT GIANT EYEBALL BOOKS? astronaut shooting another astronaut in space

Tolkien Tuesday #23: 25 Dank & Dumb 'Lord Of The Rings' Memes

Happy Belated LOTR Day!
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Funny memes about books, reading | placing book just bought on my shelf read next Literally all my other books: More lies | Main characters explaining they don't want be put through hell anymore author road to el dorado

27 Literary Memes For The Bookworms

Sup nerds
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Funny Lord of the Rings memes | Her bet he's thinking about other women do orcs know menu is? | Monsters Inc. PLOT LORD RINGS: RIsatsm PUT THING BACK WHERE CAME OR SO HELP .

Twenty-Five Lord Of The Rings Memes For The Shire Folk

Calling all Tolkien heads!
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Funny memes about Harry Potter, the Death Eaters | Mean Girls quote why her hair is so big s full secrets Bellatrix Lestrange | @TomFelton Tom Felton O Pretty proud say probably only kid ever hugged Voldemort. Even if awkward #voldemorthuggedme

Twenty-Four Death Eater Memes For Those With Evil Inclinations

Death Eaters need a little love sometimes too.
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Funny dank memes entitled, "Spongebob Reading Two Pages" spongebob going cross eyed reading from a book | somebody used know once told | Companies trying decide market their brands June 2020 BLACK LIVES MATTER Pride STAY HOME

Spongebob Tries Reading Two Pages At Once In This New Dank Meme

A brand new Spongebob meme!
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Fake texts from the lover boys of literature | o00 Verizon 4:06 PM 60% Jay Gatsby iMessage Today 4:05 PM Daisy love married Delivered Well sounds like problem iMessage | ooo Verizon 5:54 PM 43% Mr. Rochester iMessage Today 5:53 PM Jane love Also my crazy wife lives attic and she might try kill Um Delivered Just, like, full disclosure iMessage

These Texts Imagine A World Where Literature's Great Romantics Had iPhones

Who's sending nudes?
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Let The Touching Commence

Funny meme that reads, "Literally everyone after the coronavirus vaccine is developed" above still from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire whee Voldemort says he can touch Harry now
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funny twitter thread about english museum of rural english life finding a bat in their bookstore book archive library | tweet by Museum English Rural Life @TheMERL Following So found live bat our rare book store thread

Cute Thread About Museum Discovering A Bat In Their Library

Positively batty.
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funny meme about people who don't know the book 1984, texting, blinking white guy | oh i love reading too! do you have any favorite books? wow so many
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Funny dank memes featuring Snape from Harry Potter saying, "You dare use my own spells against me, Potter?" | Calls my mum Mum: Yes Doesn't reply Mum dare use my own spells against Potter? dad really disappointed hi really disappointed dad dad dare use my own spells against Potter?

Dank 'Harry Potter' Memes Feature Snape Getting A Taste Of His Own Medicine

"You dare use my own spells against me, Potter?"
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funny memes, geralt memes, the witcher memes, witcher memes, sci fi, fantasy, video games, movies, netflix show, henry cavill, fuck memes, geralt saying fuck | mom says full name Fuck. lotr meme aragorn going to war: No one: Geralt every Witcher episode:

Geralt's Love Of The F-Bomb Is Getting Meme'd Hard

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Funny Twitter thread about a woman who wrote a choose-your-own-adventure book for her sister for Christmas | juliaprescott My sister is perpetually late every social function her life. So Christmas naturally made her choose own adventure: CHOOSE OWN ADVENTURE STAR STOKY! MIT HONESTLY MOSTOF THESE END SAME WAY. WILL KATI ARRIVE ON TIME? BY JULIA PRESCOTT ILLUSIRATED BY MIKE L. MAYFIELD. Here's back: WILL ARRIVE ON TIME bathroom is time vortex place future scholars will study as proof

Woman Gives Chronically Tardy Sister A Clever Christmas Gift

This is way too good!
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Funny dank memes about the first letter of the chapter

Dank Memes Making Fun Of The Monstrosity Of 'The First Letter Of The Chapter'

These are definitely memes that you didn't know you needed.
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Funny memes about Lord of the Rings

Roundup Of Lord Of The Rings Memes For The Super-Fans

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Funny comics from wrong hands, writing, literature.

Nineteen Delightful Literary Comics For The Intellectuals

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