Sounds Like a Good Read

mad max books twitter Sounds Like a Good Read
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This Guy Brought Some "Interesting" Reading Material onto the Subway

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Didn't Think So!

web comics books e readers Didn't Think So!
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It's Important to Have Goals

web comics books reading It's Important to Have Goals
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Did You Miss Me?

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So, There's a Donald Trump Romance Novel Out and You Should Definitely be Reading It

donald trump kindle romance novel
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Ok But Which Edition is Better For You, 1 or 2?

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To Be Fair, There Are No Action Figures of My Neighbor

web comics To Be Fair, There Are No Action Figures of My Neighbor
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Oh... Okaaay...

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This Guy Printed Out Covers for Fake Self-Help Books and Put Them All Over His Local Bookstore

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Remember Books? Wouldn't It Be Cooler if They Had Animated GIFs for Covers?

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This is Why School Works The Way It Does

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Enter a New World by Reading a Book

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Why So Mean, Bret?

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You Thought I Forgot About You, Didn't I?

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The Joke is Planted

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