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Reading Memes For Literacy Fans Who Can't Stop Buying Books

It's becoming a problem
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Incompetent Husband Self-Publishes His Wife's Novel, Ruining Her Chances of Getting it Traditionally Published

Imagining ruining someone's life like this
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30+ Hilarious Sci-Fi Memes to Fill Your Nerdy Needs (August 21, 2023)

Happy Monday, deep space fiction devotees and interstellar-media-leaning individuals. It's the start of the work week and you know what that means! A significantly nerdy selection of science fiction memes . Let's talk sci-fi. A friend of mine recently purchased a collection of the “Dune” books as a gift for me. The thing is, the only exposure I've had to the franchise is through the 1980s iteration directed by David Lynch. The only reason I watched that was because I'm a fan of his. That being…
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25 Jurassic Park Memes for Dinosaur Devotees

The day I found out that Michael Crichton's “ Jurassic Park ” was an optional reading for a project in my honors biology class was one of the only times the public school science curriculum sent me over the moon. It was later that day that I learned the hard lesson of just how different movie adaptations can be to their source material. I grew up like a lot of children; enamored with the concept of dinosaurs. In the same way that monster trucks appeal to children, the awe-inspiring massiveness…
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15 Reading Memes For Readers Who Can't Get Off Booktok and Need to Finish Their Book

Reading is fundamental
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Men Ponder What Female Authors Can Get Wrong About Them

Mixed assumptions
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Academia Memes for Struggling Students and Scholars

There's a lot I miss about being a college student. It was a transformative period in my life. I spent years studying a field that I'm passionate about, met a lot of wonderful people, and figured out what I wanted to do with my life. That being said, I do not miss essays, exams, or randomized group projects in the slightest. I can't imagine the amount of stress that individuals pursuing a graduate degree or Ph.D. face. I could hardly handle my last few semesters of undergrad. You're telling me…
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Readers Divulge Their Most Toxic Book Reading Habits

Some people still dog-ear their books
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20+ Hunger Games Fans Share Their Unpopular Opinions About The Series

It's your chance Katniss and Gale shippers!
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A compilation of memes about writers, writing, and writers block

Writer Memes For Procrastinating Authors Struggling With Writer's Block

I'm a writer who doesn't procrastinate…mostly. When I have a work or school deadline, I cannot procrastinate. The words need to get onto the page one way or another. It doesn't matter if the words are brilliant or foolish ; they're getting written either way. That's all well and good for writing when the alternative is negative consequences. When it comes to my own personal projects, however, that's a different story. When you're writing a novel or a short story solely for your own sick satisfa…
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Funny random memes about literature, tweets twitter

Literature Memes For People Who Can Read Good

Literature was my least favorite subject growing up. It felt like the teachers (and later, professors) had some elevated sense of self that required them to be dismissive of any analysis that was different than their own. While discussing the tired and antiquated Scarlet Letter , the woman would cock her head when I spoke, letting me know she “didn't follow” and “not quite sure I understand.” Weird flex, but okay. The low caliber of English literature teachers le me to pursue other related cour…
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Author of fantasy series ‘The Glacian Trilogy’ shows what it's like in real time to write the heartbreaking end to a beloved character

“The thought never occurred to me that it’s hard for the authors too….”
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A compilation of funny Reddit posts

Funny Posts From the Good Side of Redit

I will be honest with you: I have not always been the biggest fan of Reddit. When I was a teenager, I wrote it off as a place where nothing good happens. I thought that Reddit and 4chan had the same user base, and I wanted nothing to do with that kind of person. In college, I learned that Reddit could be an excellent tool for advertising things around campus. I even got in some beef with some dudes on my university subreddit for promoting my comedy group's show Catholic: The Musical.' Some midw…
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Funniest Sci-Fi Memes of the Week (March 17, 2023)

Memes from across the galaxy
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Hunger Games Memes For Everyone Rewatching The Movies On Netflix

Anyone else on the Hunger Games side of TikTok?
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A compilation of memes about Literature and Greek mythology

Literature Memes For Recovering Percy Jackson Kids

“What are you reading right now?” is one of the scariest questions an intellectual hot person can ask you. It's a question more loaded than a baked potato because there is a correct and incorrect answer to it.
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