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'It’s more consuming than reading': Woman shares cozy aesthetic reading routine, is dragged and accused of overconsumption

Can reading be aesthetic?
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A Shelf Full of Book Memes for Wholesome Bookworms and Local Librarians

Page-turning memes
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Savvy Out-of-State Grandma Creates a YouTube Channel to Read Books to Her Grandchild From Afar

Via Hypnoidz
Finally, a wholesome use of technology
‘It costs them double what I paid’: Library refuses to accept card payment for man's $80 fine, he pays them by mailing one dollar bill every week as payback

‘It costs them double what I paid’: Library refuses to accept card payment for man's late fine, he comes up with a clever plan to play the long game

They didn't read that coming
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Author criticizes reader for borrowing his book from the library: 'It's even better when you buy, not borrow, your copy'

What a jerk!
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Bully throws his coworkers book into a full mop bucket, blames her for ignoring him: 'I should've known the risks [of] bringing a book to work'

What risks?
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25+ Jane Austen Memes for Pride and Prejudice People

A single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a meme
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25+ Writing Memes for First Draft Heroes

Nobody's allowed to read my first draft
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30 Worm-Tastic Dune Memes to Celebrate Dune 2

I guess we're really Dune this
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'The endgame is Fahrenheit 451': School district requires parent's permission to read a book by an African American author

So bleak
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30+ Percy Jackson Memes For Half-Blood Demigods

Look, I didn't want to be a half-blood.
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25+ of the Best Reading Memes of the Month (January 31, 2024)

Reading is fundamental
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'Y'all see movies when reading?': Book lovers discover aphantasia, realize not everyone reads the same

Some people are out here with feature films in their head
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25+ Philosophy Memes to Look at While You Consider the Trolley Problem

Plato approved
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25+ Memes for Writers Struggling With Blank Page Syndrome

Hows that draft going?
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30+ Bookworm Memes For Readers Who Can't Put Their Books Down

Just one more page
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