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The Best Birding Memes We Saw This Week (7/23/2022)

I love birdwatching. And it seems like that love is shared with an increasing amount of people. Birdwatching has actually become the the fastest growing hobby in the United States. In 2011 there were just over 45 thousand birdwatchers in the country. That number is absolutely dwarfed by the 2020 statistics, which reveal that there were 15.23 million birders making themselves known. A staggering increase. It's understandable that the pastime would see a resurgence. During the darkest days of the…
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Birding Memes For Seasoned Ornithologists and Amateur Birdwatchers

The birding community is a special one. In my experience, they take care of the land where they're seeking a glimpse of the next rare bird. They smile at their fellow binocular-ed passersby, share good spots (but not all of them), and pick up trash as they go on their way. The hobby is (mostly) a respectable one, involving an appreciation for living things. It's allowed me to be more present, soaking up the quiet beauty of most surroundings. It's tough to be a birder in New York City. The same…
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Funny and weird memes about animals

A Healthy Mix of Animal Memes That Range From Funny to Unsettling

Listen. Animal memes don't have to be cutesy. It's true that people love pics of adorable critters, or even basic baby-talk captions. But there are those of us who tire of this trope, and require more cultured offerings. Instead, we're looking for animal memes that fall into a variety of categories: funny, relatable, cursed, and surreal. We also look for animal memes that feature creatures beyond the usual realm of cats and dogs. This isn't because we don't like them. It's because cat and dog m…
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Animal Memes That Go Beyond the Realm of Cats and Dogs

Listen. We love cats (and dog s, fine). But the meme market is completely oversaturated with content about domesticated felines and canines. To be honest, we're starting to get sick of memes about raccoons and possums, too. On the internet, having too much of a good thing can get really, really real. So we're here to mix things up a bit with a big batch of memes about animals that are a little more elusive in the meme department. And mostly a bit less domesticated. There's a little bit of every…
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A Herd of Wildlife Memes for Nature Fiends

“ Nature is so cool and amazing” I say to myself as I sip my cold brew coffee and shut my laptop just as David Attenborough is beginning to explain how rapid industrialization led by the human species has done irreparable damage to the Amazon rainforest. I have a bad habit of turning Attenborough off when it starts to get depressing. I'm not proud of it, but what else am I supposed to do? I live in a city where watching two rats and a pigeon fight over a slice of pizza on a rare patch of grass…
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Dumb Dinosaur Memes That Won't Go Extinct

Dinosaurs were probably the most badass creatures to ever walk the planet. As one dino-geek so eloquently put it on Twitter, “I don't even understand people bored by dinosaurs. They were giant bird lizards that got murdered by space, what's your fucken problem.” If that damn Chicxulub impactor hadn't annihilated all the dinosaurs, who knows what the earth would look like today. Maybe dinosaurs would still rule the world. Would there be memes? Would dinosaurs be making memes about themselves? I…
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A Bountiful Gaggle of Bird Memes for Silly Gooses

There isn't too much to say about bird memes. You're either super into birdposting or you're not. So instead of forcing you to fight through a cringey and convoluted anecdote about a pigeon I once knew, we're sprinkling some fun facts about our feathered friends throughout this batch of dank and dumb bird memes .
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animal memes, cat memes, dog memes, bird memes, lizard memes, funny memes, memes, animals, funny, wholesome, nature | shouldve gone party shouldve listened be there or be square they said thought nah wont go, whats gonna happen now look at Minecraft square bear | Used faceapp on my dog. Im now terrified.. Husky dog with scary human face

50+ Animal Memes For the Wild at Heart

Memes for people who are bored of people
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A Mixed-Up Bunch of Scroll-Worthy Memes

Take it easy.
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animal memes, funny memes, memes, lol, cat memes, dog memes, dank memes, bird memes, stupid memes, animals, wholesome memes, cute memes |  desire solitude need affection black cat falling between two beds | never dine alone have dog. creepy pic of a dog's glowing eyes and teeth in the dark

60+ Dank Animal Memes For Merry Scrolling

Channel your wild side
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20+ Memes For Every Kind of Bird Nerd

We see you.
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A Healthy Selection Of Time-Wasting Memes

You deserve this.
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31 Funny Wildlife Memes For Animal Appreciators

Animals freakin' rule
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Marianne Williamson birdposting, bird tweets, birds, wholesome tweets, politics, spiritual, animals

The Unbearable Wholesomeness Of Marianne Williamson's Birdposting

She really, really loves birds.
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27 Animal Memes From All Over The Kingdom

There's more to 'em than cats and dogs.
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Weird Birbs

funny memes, memes, cat memes, bird memes | Hey, quick question, does anyone know what kind of birds these are? cats sitting on top of trees
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