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Funny twitter memes about Bernie Sanders clapping at the 2018 state of the union address, donald trump.

Bernie Sanders' Grumpy SOTU Clapping Has Twitter In Stitches

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How Despicable

Funny meme about someone accusing Bernie Sanders of wanting to help pay for college.
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funny and dank memes, mostly about hurricane harvey and the rescue efforts that followed

Dank Meme Roundup: 19 of Today's Spiciest Memes

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Funny Twitter memes about Jen Kirkman's Bernie Sanders conspiracy theory tweet.

This Bernie Sanders Conspiracy Had Twitter Going Absolutely Nuts

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Doesn't that make you the doppelgänger?

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People Share Apocalyptic Insights to Trump's Inauguration in This New Meme

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Live from the Inaguration

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Pay attention to the real issues

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This takes the cake

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Watch Bernie Sanders Go off on a Rant about How 'Delusional and Insane' Donald Trump's Tweets Are

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You Should Have Planned Better

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Last chance

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Ok, fine.

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Sad Bernie Sanders Watching the Debate Is All of Us

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When you hear Hilary's health is fading

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