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Funny political memes about the democratic race for the presidency, bernie sanders, socialism, michael bloomberg, russia, media coverage, election 2020, pete buttigieg, elizabeth warren, donald trump | NEWS Hillary Clinton admits she feels an 'urge run against Trump again By Mark Moore January 28, 2020 10:21am Everyone disliked | political predictions have been proven wrong 763rd Time Media Russians nut button

Fresh Election Memes For Anyone Who Isn't Sick Of The Democratic Race

This is already one hell of a ride.
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Twitter memes and reactions to photo of Bernie Sanders and Jane Sanders walking into a Ross Dress For Less store, photoshops | expand see why this is most relatable pic presidential candidate u have ever seen life ROSS 20 DZESS LESS Weicome hico Store 200 | tessa @couponlady_ been pretty quiet about my thoughts on bernie--until now support candidate who stands with smart shoppers america smart shoppers ross, dress less

Twitter Is Loving This Photo Of Bernie Sanders Walking Into Ross Dress For Less

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Twitter thread imagining dates with democratic presidential candidates, bernie sanders, michael bloomberg, joe biden, amy klobuchar, donald trump, elizabeth warren, andrew yang | nicole Najafi @NicoleNajafi Replying NicoleNajafi Joe Biden He takes dinner Meatpacking District. He orders cosmo before arrive, like on new show Sex and City He talks all night about hot nightclub where his friend Barack has table and can "get us Barack never shows up DATE WITH JOE BIDEN 11:07 AM 2/22/20 Twitter Web Ap

Writer Imagines Dates With Democratic Presidential Candidates

Some of these are pretty accurate.
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Funny and cringey tweets designating the democratic candidates as broadway musicals, joe biden, pete buttigieg, bernie sanders, elizabeth warren, amy klobuchar, michael bloomberg, tom steyer, marianne williamson | Joe Biden: Miss Saigon Deeply its time, which is Vietnam War Kinda racist grandparents love though Miss Saigon | Allison Epstein @rapscallison Replying rapscallison Pete Buttigieg: Dear Evan Hansen just

The Democratic Candidates As Broadway Musicals, Because Twitter

We should not be surprised that this has happened.
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Funny meme about cats, bernie sanders asking for financial support, cat asking for nutritional support | me: feeds my cat my cat after a few minutes
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Funny music memes, bernie sanders meme, drake memes, metal memes, music, rap memes, dank memes | her: my boyfriend is producer her boyfriend: Bernie am once again making mediocre trap beat bernie sanders fundraising campaign i am once again asking for your financial support. drakeposting Coronavirus Flu tang clan

Music Related memes That Cover Every Genre

There's something here for everyone.
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Ask Me!

Funny meme that reads, "Girls you went to high school with who had a kid before they turned 20" above a photoshopped image of Bernie Sanders asking for "five boss babes who want to work from home"
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funny memes about pete buttigieg wearing bright green headphones, spotify, music, bernie sanders, democrats, presidential elections | tweet by Lion Ryan @rynowill75 HUEY LEWIS AND THE NEWS FORE! Hip Be Square Huey Lewis News. American Psycho movie reference Patrick Bateman murderer

Photo Of Pete Buttigieg In Headphones Gets Roasted On Twitter

People will find any way to troll the candidates.
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Funny memes galaxy brain from Bernie Sanders' 2020 Iowa democratic Caucus victory speech, vince mcmahon losing his mind, politics, pete buttigieg | Getting clothes on birthday Getting gaming equipment on birthday crush invites their place FINANCIAL SUPPORT!

Bernie Sanders' Victory Speech Inspires Vince McMahon-Style Reaction Memes

Vince McMahon better watch his back.
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The best dank memes from the week | harry potter and dumbledore looking at burned and shriveled up voldemort with bernie sanders face: happened him? He didn't receive financial support. Vision Puma e.V Gastehaus der mboldi-Universitat gebäude der Univiersitat Serviceplan Berlin GmbH Co. Google Berlin YouTube Space Berlin Eharthirka ANDROIDAUTHORITY.COM guy wheeled around 99 phones cart create traffic jams on Google Maps My goals are beyond understanding.

The Dank Drop: 25 Of Our Favorite Dank Memes Of The Week (1-31 To 2-07)

Drum roll please.
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Funny meme about bernie sanders once again asking for financial support, shriveled up voldemort in fetal position, harry potter meme, iowa caucus
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Funny dank memes about Bernie writing a message on a whiteboard | Bernie 2020 Integrity am once again asking financial support @memebase tweet by Ashley Fairbanks @ziibiing Bernie's only thoughts on SuperBowl so far. 2020 Integrity JASON MOMOA COULD STILL GET

Bernie Sanders Writing On A Whiteboard Gets Meme'd With Hot Takes

"I am once again asking for your financial support"
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Funny reaction memes and tweets about the 2020 Iowa Democratic Caucus | Loki from Marvel lowa doesn't release results had one job. Just one. Sponegbob and Patrick celebrated in a burning city DNC lowa did Democrats held lowa Caucus!

Iowa Caucus's Delayed Results Have Churned Up Some Anxious Reaction Memes

You had ONE JOB, Iowa Caucus.
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Once Again

Funny meme about bernie sanders asking for financial support, meme turns into being about asking for someones name for a third time.
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Please, Mom.

Funny meme about bernie sanders asking for financial support about asking mom for money for scholastic book fair | scholastic book fair comes to my school. 7 year old me to my mom: i am once again asking for your financial support
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funny memes, random memes, dank memes, bernie sanders, bernie sanders memes, stupid memes | bernie sanders meme: Spotify after every song l am once again asking premium support. spongebob on a date with marble block Guys whose personality is being 6ft tall Girls

Twenty-Nine Amusing Memes Because You're Worth It

Keep up the good work.
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